Does Santa Bring Puppies and Kittens?

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say!

Buggie elf

Two years ago I posted a rant entitled, Does Santa Bring Puppies and Kittens? The post is getting a good bit of traffic this year, despite Rumpy adding a disclaimer at the top of the page that we no longer believe what I wrote.

So I deleted the post.

There is a LOT of misinformation out there, kids. People who love animals and want the best for them will tell you that Santa doesn’t bring pets for Christmas.

That is SO not true! 

Heck, some shelters and rescues even have contracted elves on staff that provide special delivery for Santa. After all, we know dogs and cats get sleigh-sick, and we wouldn’t want them puking on other kids’ gifts, would we?

But before you ask Santa for a pet for Christmas, you need to sit down with your parents and talk honestly about who’s going to be caring for your pet. Puppies and kitties require a lot of work, so you need to be on board with getting the job done.

As for you naysayers out there that are still buying that nonsense that Santa’s deliveries today will fill shelters tomorrow, I say this: the evidence shows that animal is far more likely to become a well-loved member of the family than to be returned to the shelter, so isn’t it worth the risk? Or are you so afraid of what COULD happen, you won’t let go? Don’t let YOUR fears keep a puppy or kitten from having a Happily Ever After. 

So, kids, add that puppy or kitten to your list. Write an additional letter to Santa if you need to. But as long as your folks are on board, I say go for it!

It’ll be the best gift you ever got. I promise.


35 thoughts on “Does Santa Bring Puppies and Kittens?

  1. Your comments are spot on. My human says the pets he gave his kids were one the most important teaching tools in their learning process. That lesson – our responsibility to others. Your post is a five “WOOF” post.

  2. It’s great you’re getting this advice out there. Everyone has bought the idea that it’s a bad thing to give animals as presents and getting them to see the stats is important!

    1. Oh yeah! Bottom line is people are gonna do what they’re gonna do. Isn’t it better to have them work with a shelter or rescue who will guide them responsibly, as opposed to those fly-by-night breeders who are only out to make a buck?

  3. If the whole family agrees with a new member of the family, then any time is ok. As long as the new furfriend has a good home and a good life… but I still not agree with the way they sell the christmas pups here …

  4. There is definitely huge debate over this topic. My views are this : firstly, exactly what you said. If it is right for the family, and things have been discussed, and whether it was Christmas or not, the plan is to get a puppy or kitty, then yes go for it!!!!! What child wouldn’t be head over heals Christmas morning with a new puppy or kitty for a gift?
    Where I think people go wrong mostly is by buying a pet for a gift for their friends or partner. Usually it is not discussed and is meant for a surprise, but your partner may not want or have time for a pet, so they end up in shelters. So yep, I agree, discuss it, and if it’s right, it’s right!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. A study shows that even then animals are surrendered far less often than people think. Lets quit making people out to be such selfish boobs. The vast majority of us arent.

  5. You are so right!, my dear June Buggie! *whispers* you look so gorgeous today! Having dogs or cats in your family gives you lots of work to do but it also gives you many happiness!!! I hope lots of shelter animals would find their family at thus Christmas! 🙂

  6. I couldn’t agree more. People who say that pets shouldn’t be bought as Christmas presents are plain wrong. As long as the whole family is on board with it and it’s properly researched, there is no reason not to welcome them into your home.

    I got a lot of stick for admitting my first two piggies were a Christmas present but I’m not ashamed of it. My pets are the greatest gift my parents have ever given me. They got me through dark times and out the other side and helped me connect with so many people via their blog.

    If rescues got on board and did what my local one has done they would do well I think. They are doing what the affectionately call “Human Training Classes” in the run up to Christmas. They do group sessions to see what sort of pet would suit your family and then the rescue workers, dressed as elves, deliver them to the family from the 19th to the 23rd, allowing the new addition to settle in a bit before Christmas day. I think it’s a beautiful and educated way of doing things. They then offer help finding a training class and do a New Year follow up to advise new pet parents on any issues they might have. I realise this is a big ask for a lot of rescues and they don’t have the time or resources to do it all. But the rescue near me is very small, all the volunteers have other jobs and they only do these things on evenings or weekends.

    Surely even just allowing Christmas adoptions would be worth it when you think of everything it can do?!

    Give those pets a chance at Happy Ever After!!

    ~ Amy

    1. I think Santa Claus should bring us kittens and dogs and other animals that we want just write a note on a different piece of paper just for Santa and see if he can bring it for a surprise

      Amelia brydges

  7. Great advice for all would be pet owners both young and old a like.. I hope those lonely pets are matched up with lonely owners and they have a Wonderful Happy Holiday to Live Happy Ever After in their New Homes…

    Love all you do Jen.. Wishing you a Happy Holiday.. Love and Hugs your way ❤ Sue xxxx

  8. Not to get too nit picky, but it seems to me that for puppies, much depends on climate. If you live in an area where winter is mild and you aren’t up to your hips in snow, it might be a great time — perfect — to get a pup, as long as someone is taking responsibility for housebreaking and keeping up with the pup. If (as you should), a kitten is going to be a lifelong indoor companion, I can’t see how the time of year is going to make much of a difference. The period right after Christmas is one of the LEAST busy times of the year and even here, in bitterly cold New England, I have raised puppies born in November to be responsible canine citizens. Well, almost. They are terriers, after all and they have their pride.
    I have stood in snow drifts up to my ass, begging a romping puppy to please DO it already so her frozen mom can go inside and defrost. Aside from utter exhaustion, it worked out fine and I’m here to attest to the feasibility of Christmas puppies. And any-time-of-the-year kittens!

  9. hi rumpy and company,
    Your post illustrates so many good points. i do believe that humans and animals were meant to travel through the journey of life together. sharing and learning from and caring for one another.
    If it were up to odie animals and people alike would live side by side, inside one big fluffy bouncy world with no sharp corners. everyone single one of us accounted for and cared for. food and warmth and activity enough for everyone. it’s his xmas wish.
    hugs and happy holidays and happy New year to you, your family, and your momma.
    o and om.

  10. Just ran by to wish a peace and joy to you guys.
    (and I’m fuming over a neighbor who just bought a very very expensive English bull dog from a pet store. To Double UGH it: this is the one who “accidentally” lets the dogs out every day…owns Sasha the poor old confused apartment raised cat that is locked outside…and has an ancient irritated daugshund (? spelled wrong) and there was another mid size rescue adopted dog who is MIA….haven’t had the heart to ask. Hopefully the kid’s dad has it at his house now…but seriously….sorry about the rant, but seriously?)
    Anyway, Paw waves and warm wishes, Rumpy, to all the gang.

  11. I’m well late in, but the best Christmas present I ever got my mother was a lovely Siamese kitten named Kim. He took care of her for many years until her cancer got too bad and then he bonded with me. I miss them both, terribly.

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