Our Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Santa with pups and kits

It’s me, your favorite Malamute in the whole wide world- Rumpy!

Now I know it’s crunch time for you and the elves, but I wanted to say hello, and ask if it’s not too much trouble, could you bring me a new squeaky toy? You see, I deaded mine, and I am sad.

I love you Santa!

Your pal,


I love you Santa! Your pal, Rumpy

Meow, Santa!

June Buggie here, the coolest cat in the Cosmos!

For Christmas this year, I’ve decided to forego little things that are here today and gone tomorrow. While it’s true that I enjoy a good catnip high, it seems to be over before you know it.

I think this year you should give me what I want most- fame and fortune. I mean, if a cat with a perpetual frown can make money off a cheesy Christmas movie, surely a cat of my talents could do so much more. Don’t you agree? Of COURSE you do!

So please leave the contract in my stocking. I’ll do the rest.

Stay cool!


Keep cool, dude! June Buggie

Dear Santa,

I’ve seen a good deal of misery this past year.

I’ve also seen a lot of love.

You see, for every time I’ve had to intervene with a family because somebody wasn’t doing right, there were others- family, friends, neighbors, even strangers- who stepped up to the plate to help those children have a better life.

It’s that outpouring of love that lets me know that, despite all the misery we see in the world, there is still a whole lot of good out there, if only we look for it. It’s kinda like experiencing the joy of Christmas year ’round.

So all I am asking of you this year, Santa, is that you keep bringing that joy to the world, because that’s what keeps me going.

Much love to you,


23 thoughts on “Our Letters to Santa

  1. I do hope that Santa brings you a new squeaky toy, Rumpy! And June Buggie, you’ve got already fame and fortune!!! You’re such a celebrity! I love you!!! And Jen, I hope Santa brings joy to the world, too!!! He can make us happy!
    Merry Christmas to all your family!!! 🙂

  2. hope you’awl get whatever! i’m sorta sad as we decided to spend the holidaze with family in a distant city and our cat/dog family will hopefully MORE than have our time away “made up” with a lot of together time for several days after we get back ~ ~ ~

  3. Mom and me (BJ). Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    I get a lot of joy and laughter reading “Rumpy’s” posts and would love to send a squeaky toy for Rumpy and catnip for Junes Buggie and the other cats. I may even throw in some cookies. Send me a PM with your address. I’m BJ Pup on Facebook. Jen is easy, I want and wish for the same things she does. She’s extra special for some of the antics you give her,

    Love and licks, from mom and me, BJ Pup.

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