A Reprieve for Bela

We learned last week that Bela the German Shepherd was accepted by Best Friends Animal Society. Now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that he will not die before his time.

Bela's owner died recently. Her will stipulated her German Shepherd either be placed with Best Friends Animal Society, or euthanized, cremated, and his ashes mixed with hers.
Bela’s owner died recently. Her will stipulated her German Shepherd either be placed with Best Friends Animal Society, or euthanized, cremated, and his ashes mixed with hers.

And we can all forget that it was even an issue.

I feel bad for Best Friends for having been thrust in the middle of that media frenzy, thanks to the jerks that leaked the story. Best Friends staff actually learned of Bela by reading the newspaper article.

It’s only my personal opinion, but Best Friends pretty much HAD to accept Bela. If not, the nut jobs would have mounted a media campaign against them, egged on behind the scenes by the animal agriculture industry. Their donations would have dropped, and more animals would have died.

But they did accept Bela, and now some of us are scrutinizing their motives. Did they take in Bela because it was the right thing to do, or did they realize all the donations that would come their way for having done so?

The worst part about this story is that we forgot Bela even before a decision was made. Just like we forget the millions of other animals euthanized each year. Just like we forget the animals that live lives that make death look preferable.

Out of sight, out of mind.

22 thoughts on “A Reprieve for Bela

      1. suppose there is that……just as with people…..extending their lives doesn’t mean anything if their lives won’t be any better – still tough choice!

  1. People are just crazy. They make decisions without having all the facts. You can see that in the newspapers all the time. And even worse, they take issue with people who do have the facts. May this dog be able to adapt to a totally different life than he was used to.

  2. They took in Bella because that is what they do. they have worked with dogs like Bella before and might be able to rehab him or at least give him a very good quality of life

  3. My people visited Best Friends Animal Society a few months ago when they were in the area. It’s an awesome place. They really care about the animals there.

    1. I agree they do good work. If anyone can properly care for Bela, its them. My point is they were put in a tough spot thanks to the story having been inappropriately leaked.

  4. I’m pleased that Best Friends has got publicity out of this. However, I agree with you that we have a long way to go before we can rest easy that we are doing the right thing by animals on this earth — whether farm animals or pets.

  5. I agree with you that if the shelter didn’t do it, they would have had an immediate and nasty blowback. Unfortunately, the solution may not be in Bela’s best interest as you noted so eloquently in an earlier post. I would not want my dogs sitting in a cage day after day to be adopted, especially with their age and health issues. I’d rather they be put down after my death. Nor do I want to worry about how they would get treated by someone else who may or may not love them as much as I do. Granted, I’d be dead, but still. . . they deserve better.


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