If You’d Known I Was a Pet Blogger, Would You Have Acted Differently?

I don’t brag about being a pet blogger. I don’t hide the fact, either.

Except when I’m test-driving a new service provider for my pets.  I want to see how they’d treat me if they didn’t expect me to go public with the experience.

Image from 26barsandaband.com
The vet’s office (Image from 26barsandaband.com)

Today, Bubba and I returned to the new vet’s office for another Adequan shot, and to have his thyroid tested. You see, last month when we established ourselves with this vet clinic, Bubba weighed a full one pound less than he had just a couple months prior, and Dr. Wagner recommended he have his thyroid checked.

This time Bubba weighed one pound MORE than he did at his last visit, so I declined the thyroid test. But Dr. Wagner recommended I get it anyway, because Bubba’s medication could be unregulated, causing the weight fluctuation.

Except Bubba doesn’t take thyroid medication. The vet would have known that if he’d just looked in Bubba’s file. But he was busy, because, for some reason, there were 3 clients booked for 9 AM when the clinic opened.

When I explained that Bubba doesn’t have a thyroid condition, he started backtracking and put his hand close to my face in a “never mind” gesture that royally pissed me off. I decided that it would be the last time I dealt with this guy. Then he proceeded to tell me the story of how he had a cat escape from him in the parking lot, and that just sealed the deal.

Bubba doesn't have a thyroid condition. He has a vet whose scales don't work properly.
Bubba doesn’t have a thyroid condition. He has a vet whose scales don’t work properly.

So now I’m back to shopping for a vet. Will I stay at this clinic, but see a different vet? Or will I find a different clinic? Only time, and still more shopping around, will tell.

But you can bet the next time I visit ANY vet, the FIRST thing I’m going to mention is my blog, and how they can expect I’ll be writing about them real soon.

31 thoughts on “If You’d Known I Was a Pet Blogger, Would You Have Acted Differently?

    1. Actually he has a full-time job during the week and this is his weekend gig, so I’m guessing he’s probably just exhausted. Still, not what I want in a vet that’s providing medical care for my furry family.

  1. When I first moved here I didn’t know the area well and my GS mix tore the ligaments in her hind legs and needed to see a vet. I was lucky and found one 10 miles down the road from me. I got lucky that this vet was a good vet. BabyGirl healed and now can run again. The first thing I liked was that the vet wanted to try non invasive medications to see how she would respond. She did well and it was a long term healing process for her. I also liked that my vet took the time to explain everything to me about her injury and recovery. I take care of my son’s cat and he has me go to a different vet who is a country vet and he also is good. Now I have my son’s African Grey Parrot and there is only one avian vet the next town over. I hope that this vet will be just as caring and understanding as the two I go to now.

  2. I’m glad, too, that Bubba doesn’t have a thyroid condition. Shopping for veterinary doctors is much the same as shopping for our own doctors. Thanks for all you’ve done for the sake of animal welfare, Jen!

  3. Shopping for vets is not fun. It is so hard to find someone you and your pet can relate to! And trust…there needs to be a bond between all involved. It is a difficult process. Wishing you luck! Sometimes I think I would like to wear a sign that says, YES, I am a Pet Blogger!!

  4. Bubba should have a different vet from this guy…….he doesn’t sound a good vet……..we couldn’t find a good vet for our lovely Kevin, so we now very regret that we couldn’t save him…..

  5. Change vets. Any vet who doesn’t have the time to read the file of a new patient won’t have time to read test results. Also he may not have the time to keep up to date from journals, etc. It may take time, but search for another vet.

  6. That’s terrible! I’m so sorry you went through that experience. That vet didn’t even take time to read Bubba’s file? Unconscionable! Definitely find a new vet…

  7. Nothing pisses me off faster than a new vet (or doctor for that matter) that doesn’t take time to read the file and take a history before spouting off. It’s frustrating to keep trying to find a good one, but worth the effort.


  8. Wow. That is so sad that the vet was so distracted. You are right to seek someone who can pay attention. Airing your review is a great way to keep people honest if they care.

  9. Didn’t catch on to that “customer service” concept did he?
    We have one vet we like/think does an acceptable reasonable job – the problem is when that one is unavailable and the others in the clinic are not acceptable – so NOBODY get sick or injured!…
    And really tired of all the “Up selling” which my sister-in-law vet says is the trend for clinics these days and annoys the heck out of her ( she was put on part time, then let go from one clinic when she didn’t push extras, just treated animals as needed).
    Wishing you much luck finding the perfect vet who is kind and good (and as a result their practice is legendary)
    Paw waves and “Happy In-Between Week”!

  10. It’s hard to find vets you can trust. The area of animal medicine is a Big Pharma gold mine with so many folks who are taking better care of their pets. Our two cats are little old ladies and anymore I only take them to the vet when absolutely necessary. Sometimes I regret having taken our senior dogs in — the prescribed medicines did what they do to humans; fix one problem and make a bunch of new ones!

  11. I liked your post about the vet, I’m a retired RN and unfortunately many human docs are just as bad. They try to spread themselves way to thin to pay off their loans. From a fellow pet blogger…Susan

  12. Hmmm how interesting indeed although at least you received the ‘normal’ treatment so you can warn other pet parents not to go there. That’s the good part about being a pet blogger. You help to spead the word about products/services that deserve to be tried. 🙂

  13. That is not good….. You must have confidence in your vet. No doubt explaining your blog would keep them on their toes and maybe improve the situation for the other animals that attend that clinic……? However, I think you would need to ensure that you always booked a different vet……..Good Luck…….And all good wishes for 2015. Keep up the good work…..

  14. The expression of the cat in your picture mirrors mine right now. Well, except I have a bit more of a smirk…but we are still within the same sentiment. I am glad you posted this and made people aware they always have a choice. Sometimes we put too much faith in the so-called experts and don’t trust our own instincts, which is a real shame because credentials don’t always guarantee credibility. Look forward to enjoying more of your writing!

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