Give Some Love to Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and nothing tells your dog you love him or her like spending lots of money at the pet store.

In case you didn’t pick up on that, I’m being facetious.

Let’s be real, here. Your dog could care less that it’s Valentine’s Day.

If you REALLY loved me, you’d buy me cookies…. but I feel that way EVERY day.

So, no, I’m not going to publish any of the canned blog posts sent to me by people trying to promote their businesses- ESPECIALLY not those cheesy ones designed to make lonely people feel not so lonely because they have their faithful companion as a valentine. He’s a dog. OK? People who place unhealthy expectations on their relationships with animals (think that creepy dude dating a porpoise) need professional help. Or to be shot. Though it’s still debatable whether I can legally do that here in Florida.

I’m not going to buy special heart-shaped cookies made just for Rumpy. Now if you want to send me some free, I’ll gladly post photos. But no gimme, no gettee. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles around this blog.

Oh, and the pet health crap? I mean, really? Even on Valentines Day you have to try to make me  feel bad because I’m not using YOUR product to make my pet the healthiest she can be? Please go away. Far, far away.

And yes, I did notice all those emails were promoting products and services for dogs. No one seems to give a rat’s ass that I have more cats than dogs. No companies send me free litter, or cat trees to promote, or even treats. Though Tidy Cats DID send me an email telling me they weren’t going to honor my refund for True Nature (a public promotion they recently ran). Note to self: don’t say anything bad about a company until AFTER they send the refund.

Sorry, June Buggie, no one loves you but me. And no, it's not one of those unnatural loves, so get over it.
Sorry, June Buggie, no one loves you but me.


The Valentines expectations just keep getting more and more unrealistic. It used to be a time for men to get laid by buying flowers or lingerie.  Then it grew to women expecting to have flowers sent to them at work to show off to others.

Later it became necessary to have gifts delivered to kids at school. It’s gotten so bad that some schools have banned the practice.

And now we have to buy for our dogs. I wonder if next we’ll have to send the gifts to them at doggie daycare?

True confessions: I’ve never had an intimate partner woo me on Valentines. No flowers, though I did once send some to myself just to piss off my co-workers. No fancy nights out on the town. When I was younger, it hurt. A lot.

Today it just pisses me off that we STILL allow advertisers to treat us like shit so they can make a buck. And to now drag dogs into the mix makes me livid.

vintage Valentine from
vintage Valentine from

So to you who stuck out this blog post this far, I say this: Buy your companion animals gifts if you want to, but don’t do it out of guilt, or because you’ve been manipulated by a consortium of advertisers who could care less about you OR your dog.

No, gifts to companion animals should be given in the spirit the day brings, so give them out of love- and give them whenever.

31 thoughts on “Give Some Love to Your Dog

  1. In our house we don’t do “holiday” presents of any sort, not even for Christmas. Instead they get fresh grass plants whenever I see them, homemade catnip pillows, tasty food and litter boxes that are cleaned at least twice a day. What more can they ask for. Looks to me like they are happy. As for reviews, I have four cats! I can do a review on many things. I know which cat food isn’t good for them and which ones they find tasty (which isn’t always the healthiest!). My last purchase (it’s typically useless to buy anything for cats because they prefer what they find on your desk or in your closet) was a cat tree and it is being used. I couldn’t be happier about that. The one before that had shelves so small that 3 of the cats couldn’t fit they butts on it comfortably! I took it back. Happy Valentine’s Day to Rumpy and the whole crew!

  2. I’m with yah girl. Valentines is a “Hallmark” holiday. There is something called “ESD” I like to celebrate and show my husband, my doggy and kitties how much I love them…”Every Single Day.”

  3. My dogs get treats and presents whenever the feel like giving them and I don’t need the media to pressure me into buying their products for my dogs just because it’s a ‘special’ day that we humans make a big thing of. It’s just another day, like any other.
    Great post!

  4. My problem is when friends or relatives give Jack a toy. Jack is very possessive about his toys as it is, and Maureen and I have to be very careful to give him safe toys that he can’t destroy. But we also have to make it clear that the toy is a gift and that we – not unlike the Lord – giveth and we can taketh away. When he gets a toy from a family member, he’s even more prone to think it’s his.

  5. Finally…someone who actually gets it and tells it real! I’m with you…this shameless commercialism is ridiculous. The only person who should get spa days is me, not the dog. Every day is a spa day for Sam! And don’t get me started on over pampered, entitled kids these days. Ugh.

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