So, Did They Listen?

I guess you’re wondering if I’ve heard anything from any of the players involved in the “meeting” I attended Wednesday night.

I have.

Grey2K is sorry, but had no control over the fundraiser that was held by the sanctuary. But they did send out an email yesterday letting folks know about other fundraisers and such being held in conjunction with their meetings.

The sanctuary said they held the meet-and-greet ahead of time because that’s the only way they can get people to attend the meetings. And I would have known that if I’d read their Facebook page.

HSUS asked me what I thought, so I told them. I am not convinced they were really interested, but I told them just the same.

I may be a thorn in their side, but this is a SERIOUS problem. I’m far from the only one feeling disenfranchised. That means many who would do more, don’t, because they don’t feel welcome or wanted. But animals can’t go to Lobby Days or write letters to elected officials on their own behalf. So we’re going to have to go for them. And we’re going to have to insist on being heard.

As for those of you who are reading this blog because you’re pissed off at what I’ve said about you, let me tell you about my world. 

I live in a high-crime neighborhood. I don’t live here because I especially like it, but this area was the the only one where I could find a place to rent and keep Rumpy. I was turned down at other places because of his breed.

Almost everyone in my neighborhood has at least one dog. One neighbor, a young fella, has an older dog who is almost blind and has significant health problems. He loves that dog dearly, and walks him every day.

A neighbor down the street manages the homeless cat population. We’ve talked about TNR; she was already gearing up to make that happen as soon as the weather warms up. I’ve offered to help.

When I walk Rumpy, people stop and say hello, mostly to him, but also to me. I’ve met some amazing people here through Rumpy, from the older man who drives around with his own dog, to the skateboarding kids who practice nearby. Even some of the homeless people stop and say hi to Rumpy.

Imagine what could happen if those people could be convinced to write thoughtful letters to their elected officials. They’re not going to drive an hour away to attend your little meet-and-greets, but they will talk to me. THAT is where activism happens. And THAT is why you need people like me at the table. 

This idea that those of us who aren’t of the well-heeled set are “crazies,” has to end.  To be clear, the crazies do exist. They’re the ones that make death threats against hunters, hoard animals, and pull other ridiculous stunts. But we’re not all crazies. And we deserve to have a seat at the table, so we can end the underground support network these crazies have. The deep-pocket donors aren’t going to stop that shit. It’s people in my neck of the woods that are needed to make that happen.

So, ready to work with us yet? 


23 thoughts on “So, Did They Listen?

  1. I’m confused. If there was a meet and greet, why wouldn’t they include that in the original invitation or notice? People who come to meetings to eat aren’t valuable players. I mean, really? I’m glad you made your feelings known. Grass roots starts at the….grass roots, doesn’t it?

  2. That was a great post! And you wrote it like it is and not as it “could be”. You are there and you see it everyday with your own eyes. And someone like you could do much more than anyone who never was there… BRAVO!
    btw: what is the reason that they said no to you and Rumpy? I have to admit that Huskies/Malamutes are not well-liked by the farmers of our area, they call them “sheep-killer”… but I never saw an evidence that it was really one of the nordic dogs who attacked the sheeps.

    1. Insurance companies here in the US have a “dangerous breed” list, and Malamutes are on some of the lists. Property owners would have to pay more for their insurance, even if I carried renters insurance, so they don’t rent to folks like me.

      1. Yes, and pit bull owners have it even worse than I do. That’s why some dog owners lie about having a dog or about the breed. I don’t condone doing that though, because it could be worse for them if they get caught.

      2. This is so infuriating – Poor German faces discrimination – she had to be “screened” and once she passed, they just called her a Belgian Malinois. It’s bad owners – not bad breeds (I won’t get into the nasty, but “approved” small biting breeds.)

  3. Well said. (And those meetings at long distances around here are planned to limit who attends public meetings…and who speaks. YEt they can say “they had a public meeting”)
    ” I’m far from the only one feeling disenfranchised. That means many who would do more, don’t, because they don’t feel welcome or wanted.” This is so true about so many issue.
    (Will have to run back and read to catch up with what’s going on here. )
    Hang in there Rumpy – (And we know you are a desirable neighbor, foolish people!)

  4. How awful, I have not read prior Jen as I have been absent a while.. But reading your post and the comments you have replied to, Makes me so pleased to live in the UK.. .. Wishing you well Jen.. x x x

  5. I deeply appreciate your willingness to represent those who otherwise would have no voice. There IS an assumption that if you have animals, but lack deep pockets, that you are either crazy or should be forbidden to even have animals. If pets were limited to the wealthy, there would be even MORE homeless dogs and cats. Lots more.

  6. You go girl! Right therewith you (at least in spirit). Not everyone is able to go to meetings and be officially engaged, but your one-on-one meets and deeply convicted advocacy for animals, you will make a change bit by bit. My own neighborhood is engaged in a district wide battle and the only way to start an avalanche of change is one snowball at a time. Keep up the good work! Sam and I are with you in spirit if not in person. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘ban the deed, not the breed.’

  7. You go girl (and Rumpy!) When we lived in a ghetto apartment in Delaware, our Sammy was a lot like Rumpy in how many people we wouldn’t have met, how many animals we wouldn’t have helped without him. He was a rescue and like you, the place we lived was the only place we could have him and our two cats.

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