Happy National Love Your Pet Day? WTF?

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! I know, right? Like we need a day to remind us to love our companion animals? Well apparently SOMEONE thought you weren’t showing enough love to your pets, because Love Your Pet Day was set aside to, “remind pet owners to set aside time each day to appreciate and celebrate the unique relationship they have with their pets.” I got that from News 12 KEYC TV.

It's love your pet day! Bubba is celebrating by showing some love to his dog.
It’s love your pet day! Bubba is celebrating by showing some love to his dog.


Personally, I find the whole premise offensive. But I’m not a young woman who takes her baby to the doggy ice cream truck, either.

Yep, it seems that pet ownership is taking the place of parenthood. 


Hey, this is not just another one of those lame assumptions people make. According to an article by Roberto Ferdman published at Quartz.com,  the birth rate for women between the ages of 15 and 29 decreased by 10% in the past 7 years, while purchases of dogs 20 lbs and under increased significantly, and they’re being purchased by young women of childbearing years.

Rumpy's celebrating with some of his favorite toys!
Rumpy’s celebrating with some of his favorite toys!

Not only that, but sales of premium dog food have increased by 170% in the past 15 years.

That’s right. What used to be the domain of the Crazy Cat Lady has now become the realm of the Little Dog Mommy.

The thing that disturbs me the most about Ferdman’s findings is that these young women are BUYING these dogs, despite the recent corresponding trend among the young, cool set to shame people who don’t adopt. How is that happening?

I chalk it up to effective marketing.

You don't see premium cat food companies contacting us, do you? Noooo..... it's all about little dogs. *rolls eyes*
You don’t see premium cat food companies contacting us, do you? Noooo….. it’s all about little dogs. *rolls eyes*

Let’s face it, the animal agriculture industry has done an excellent job of exploiting the Achilles Heel of the animal welfare and animal rights movements, and these movements haven’t done a very good job of fighting back.

No, PETA still exploits women, and makes themselves look like idiots in the process. But they are unapologetic and will keep being a laughingstock. The other major players look like they’re more interested in raising money than anything else. I mean, thanks HSUS for going to Arkansas and helping with that recent Puppy Mill bust, but your emails touting your efforts while simultaneously sticking your hand out get really old, especially when the only time I hear from you is when you want something from me. Reminds me of an old boyfriend I once had.

So for those of you that need to be reminded to show a little love to your pets, this is your day. I’m sure your beloved companion will enjoy the 15 minutes you spend with him today, as it may be the only attention he or she gets from you this year.

But for the rest of us? It’s another day.

Now excuse me, Rumpy is ready for his walk.






28 thoughts on “Happy National Love Your Pet Day? WTF?

  1. Just another marketing holiday. But a card, a box of biscuits, a bed, a new lead, a collar (with diamond studs?) for your pet. Grab that credit card and go, go, go. It’s about as much about your pets as Valentine’s Day is about “love.”

    1. I wish these marketers would get their stories straight. Just last week for Valentines we were encouraged to buy Valentines for our pets, and now we have a day to remind us in case we forgot? It IS a bit much, isn’t it?

    1. Isn’t it ironic we have all these days to celebrate our pets, and the way we often celebrate is with food. Then we complain animals are too fat. It boggles the mind.

  2. Absolutely, whole heartedly, totally, completely, agree! It’s the Valentine’s Day business model all over again. Carol got treats and flowers on Feb 16 as a statement of objection to Feb 14 …… and Ray gets loads of love and attention regardless of what some PR person dictates! I really despise both the marketing industry, and the mindless people who blindly get sucked into it! I’ve said my piece!

    1. Sadly, cats don’t generate the profits dogs so, so don’t hold your breath for that day…. unless, of course, we start it ourselves! Hey, why not? We can take pics of our cats on the ‘nip and do a blog hop. LOL

  3. It actually annoys me. I call myself my piggies “Mummy” because I love them like children, I won’t deny that. I get very broody! But ultimately they are animals and pets and I will treat them as such.
    They don’t care if I bought them premium or own brand food or whether their veggies are organic or anything like that.

    Plus but I don’t need a special day to tell me to love them or care for them!!

    If you need a day to REMIND you to love your pets then you need to really think seriously about having pets in the first place!

    1. We all treat our companions differently, and I say whatever works for you and isn’t unhealthy for your pet is OK by me. I agree with you that they relentlessly market to us for our animals.

  4. Little Doggy Mom – that’s worth a giggle (And you nailed PETA. Good. A snarl at them)
    (Nervous shuffling as people around here know Molly’s name better than ours…couldn’t be because we are frequently saying Now Molly, the skateboard/bike/ any odd thing around isn’t going to bother you. Sit Molly. Sit. Molly….)
    But we can spread that love on other days, too right? No limits!

  5. Another marketing ploy to make us part with our dosh. Most pet owners don’t need a ‘special day’ to spoil their pooch/moggie/parrot/hamster/goldfish. If we didn’t love and care for them, we wouldn’t have them. (OK, I admit we buy Maggie a Christmas present)

  6. Meowmeowmans is right, we love our pets everyday, so we don’t actually need this special day “Love your pet Day” at all….By the way, the picture of Rumpy with his toys is lovely! He is smiling!!! Very happy face! 🙂

  7. I thought that you had purchased one of those dog calendars with twelve months of dog pictures and reminders for your dogs lol…Yes they do exist. Another marketing gimmick True pet owners do not need a reminder. Nor do we run out and purchase the fancy little bling collars for the special occasion.

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