Poetry By Cats, For Cats

This blog seems to have an unfair slant toward dogs. True, the blog is named after a dog, and dogs ARE more popular with humans than cats, but honestly, what self-respecting cat CARES what a human thinks?

So to you cats out there who are faithful readers of this blog, even if only to take pot shots are the dog, I offer you poetry written by our staff of crackerjack kitty poets.

Bliss- by Bubba Cat

 Bliss  – by Bubba Cat

The quiet bliss of sunshine
bathes me in warming hues.
Am I enjoying the solitude,
or simply ignoring you?

Hissy Fit Jones
Big Cat – by Hissy Fit Jones

Big Cat – by Hissy Fit Jones

Here comes that weird big cat,
that stumbles as she walks.
She always steps upon my tail.
And screeches when she talks.

I must say, though, that cat hunts
with a unique skill.
Where does she find those kibbles
to hunt and then to kill?

You’re a Nimrod – by Graybie Baby

You’re a Nimrod – by Graybie Baby

You really are quite stupid.
I want to sleep after I’m fed.
So go and talk sweet to the dog,
while I cough a hairball on your bed.


Have your cats recently written any poetry you’d like to share? 


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28 thoughts on “Poetry By Cats, For Cats

  1. not bad, for a cat, but I think dog poetry is much better.

    What a treat it was for me,
    To have a sausage for my tea.
    I ate too quick and now it’s started,
    Sorry Mom. It’s me what farted!

    By Yours Truly,

  2. Wow! Cats in Rumpy’s house are so talented for poetry! And all those pictures are lovely!!!!
    Hmmm….my cats say…

    Humans are fool
    Cats are cool,
    They are lazy to feed us,
    So we are crazy to make a fuss!!!!

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. Cleo really enjoyed the poems. Her favorite book of cat poems is “I Could Pee on This” by Francesco Marciuliano.
    It makes me and Cleo LOL. Great blog. Rumpy thank you for sharing with the cats. 🙂

  4. Too funny! Ello loves poetry…

    Yes you can pet me,
    But only when I let you.
    I see your toes under the blanket…
    I’m gonna get you!
    Laying at the end of the bed
    For me will be just fine.
    Sure – I love you,
    But only when it’s “goodie time!”

  5. Meow! I wrote a poem about my work as a nurse cat.

    I Am A Nurse Cat
    by Lilith Kitten Mahoney, Age 14
    Nurse Cat & Diabeticat

    I am a nurse cat,
    When my human is sick
    I lay down with her,
    Or on her,
    And purr my best purrs
    For her to feel better.
    When she gets up
    I call to her,
    Come back to bed!
    You are sick!
    I must take care of you!
    Touch her nose with my nose,
    Make sure she’s alright,
    Lay down next to her,
    Or on her,
    And purr my best purrs,
    For her to feel better.

    I am a good nurse cat.

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