I Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Sometimes the truth is staring us in the face, and we still don’t see it.

That’s how it is with me in regards to Bubba Cat.

Yesterday Bubba sat nearby while I worked from home.
Yesterday Bubba sat nearby while I worked from home.

For the past two years, I’ve known Bubba has severe arthritis. My previous vet and I have worked together to manage his pain. He’s been on Adequan for a year now, and it seems to have helped.

But this morning I watched Bubba in action, and it finally sunk in that he’s not doing so well.

He’s not been eating much.

He’s back to using the “special” litter box in the bedroom.

He’s fighting with June Buggie.

He clings to me.

Bubba also clings to Rumpy
Bubba also clings to Rumpy

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been so focused on work that I didn’t see the signs. It’s become so routine- the special feedings, the monthly shots, the washing of towels so Bubba can have a comfortable litter box when he needs it.

I have some pain pills that my old vet in Dothan gave me for those “just in case” days. I gave him one. I’ll monitor him to see if it helps. And I guess I’ll be calling the vet’s office today.


39 thoughts on “I Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

  1. Hi Bubba – Even though you’re a cat and I really dislike cats, I dislike pain even more so I hope you can be feeling better soon. Take care (I don’t believe I just wrote that to a cat). Woof! Ray.

  2. My love to Bubba. My sister Violet is old and arthritic with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and some strange thyroid condition several vets haven’t been able to diagnose. And I know my moms have struggled with getting into a routine and not noticing things that come on gradually over time. But the important thing is that you are attentive and actively managing Bubba’s health. It’s so obvious you love him and care well for him. Good luck talking to the vet today. I hope they’re able to provide Bubba some relief.

  3. Oh….Bubba…I hope that he feels better soon…hope the pill helps him…sending my prayers to Bubba and to you, Jen…. Hugs

  4. Just couldn’t click like because it pains me that Bubba is not doing well. I just hope you get a good solution to help keep him comfortable with good quality. Boy, this is never easy. We’ve got two with problems like that this end. My heart’s with you, Jen. And, Bubba. Love from all of us.

  5. Poor Bubba! I hope he feels better soon. 😦 It’s so hard to watch our pets get older and knowing their lives are so much shorter than ours is so easy to forget until it’s almost time for them to take the rainbow bridge. 😦

  6. Indeed we sometimes are so used to a routine with an ill animal that we sort of don’t see or don’t want to see changes..do not beat yourself up we all do it,,.hope Bubba feels a bit better soon hugs Fozziemum xx

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