Choosing My Battles and Moving On

March 11th is Humane Lobby Day in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s an opportunity for ordinary folks like me to talk to my elected officials about my stance on legislation impacting animals.

I’m not going to attend.

Rumpy is the ultimate Peaceful Warrior
Rumpy is the ultimate Peaceful Warrior

I know! I know! If I wasn’t going to go, why did I make such a big stink about how I was treated at the pre-lobby day meeting?

In truth,  if I had not gone to that meeting, I would go to Lobby Day. But I did go to that meeting, and it made me do some serious soul-searching. I’ve decided that not only am I not going to lobby, but I’m letting the whole animal welfare commitment thing go.

See, I started focusing on animal welfare because I believed that people outside the small clique of advocates should be encouraged to get involved. Only then could we truly make things better for animals. But after three years, I now see that this is their territory, so I will leave them to it.

I also think it’s time I started swimming with the current. I have a decent enough following. I’ve written before about changing my focus. I’m ready to do it. Actually, I’ve already started. I’m writing again from the perspective of Rumpy and June Buggie, and I’m focusing on things that affect me personally. I’m ready to broaden my horizons!

So I need your help in designing a new slogan. The “I’m Cute. I’m Funny. And I’m committed to animal welfare,” needs to go. I need something new that grabs you like ear candy. Something that will live on. Got any ideas?





37 thoughts on “Choosing My Battles and Moving On

  1. I understand. It is very difficult to change anything that involves politics. There is just too much power and money involved. probably the best most of us can do is set a good example for others to follow, then hopefully, they will set a good example and so on… As far as the design, I think a good cartoon drawing of Rumpy would work well. I’m not an artist but there are so many talented, artistic people out there.

  2. omigod….this is absolutely exquisite…I am right there with you….I can so totally relate…(my next break-up involves my humorless, sarcastic, hubby-dubby….he has been just as huge of a pain in the ass as “animal welfare” and he is too in love with his own popularity to take a stance for anything that will either make him look sissy or controversial or not one of the good ole boys…ignore that part about the “spouse” if I’m just having a bad day in a string of bad days? ha!) so I need marital (or martial–ha!) advice as well. I love rumpy’s face whenever I see it! so keep that beauty in the logo! YAY FOR THIS GREAT POST AND ITS TRUTHINESS!

  3. You’re already carrying so much with your job, it’s emotionally difficult to keep up both ends. I’m sure there will be a particular cause now and then that fires you up.

  4. All that matters is that you keep writing. Write about spaghetti and meatballs if you want, but write. I was born with a keyboard in my hands – which makes for some difficulties because it’s hard to type, wearing boxing gloves. Here’s the thing. As a fellow blogger, writer and burgeoning author, I love your work.

  5. ” I’m a Cute and a Fun Loving Husky! ” how about that?the main thing is that you enjoy writing your post and Have fun with it,can’t wait to see more,xx Rachel and Speedy

  6. Good for you girl! I found almost as soon as I stopped focusing emotion on all that was wrong with natural gas and fracking the more momentum arose from the country to do something about it. My power was almost acting as a cog in the wheel to changes I wanted! There is more power in focusing our energy in what direction we want the flow to go vs doing the salmon thing. How about Rumpy, June B. and Me……..?

  7. There are lots of great suggestions here! I’m thinking you don’t even need to change the slogan if you don’t want to, because you are “committed to animal welfare” even if you’re taking a different path.

  8. Best wishes with your new venture, Jen. Regardless of where you go with your blog, I hope you never give up your passion for animal welfare. That one group may be too arrogant to recognize your value, but the rest of us do.

  9. Best wishes on the pathway to finding peace. Sam & I know you’ll find the perfect moniker that will best describe your merry band of fur and their lives. I too have found there is such soul sucking and exhaustion whenever you’re dealing with pet advocacy and its current state. ❤

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