Life Lessons for Humans, Provided by Birds

I recently read a news story about a pair of bald eagles who are nesting on a cell phone tower in Miami.

Guarding the nest (photo from
Guarding the nest (photo from

Birds are amazing creatures, aren’t they?

As humans have stolen practically all the earth’s land, birds have found a way to survive in spite of us. And isn’t  it wonderful that they have? In addition to their beauty, they help us by eating insects or vermin. They also help ensure the survival of plants by eating their seeds and then pooping them elsewhere.

But my love of birds is far more selfish. I enjoy the sounds of the woodpecker that lives in our neighbor’s tree. Last month the area was over-run by robins that were taking a break before heading north, bringing  hope of spring to all. Sometimes the gulls fly by and sing their song that reminds me of the beach, even though I live several blocks from the bay.

It’s the sound of birds that remind me that life is more than slaving away inside concrete buildings for a pittance. Real living takes place outside. And if you can’t afford a forest to enjoy it it in, a cell phone tower will do just fine.

What life lessons do birds offer you?

27 thoughts on “Life Lessons for Humans, Provided by Birds

  1. I love the sound of the woodpecker too, it has something what takes me back to my childhood :o) I learnt that every morning is a fresch and brandnew day and it’s better to great this new day with a song instead with a grumpy cat-face :o)

  2. What a lovely and thought provoking post. I too have a love for nature of all sorts, birds too. Watching the geese fly in to spend the summers with us here in Canada, or the woodpeckers eating away at dead trees. I’ve experienced a hummingbird in an unusual way a few summers ago.

    I was lightly sprinkling my hostas one late afternoon, and noticed the water stream was creating a beautiful rainbow. A little hummingbird must have taken notice too, as the bird flew into the edge of the stream and sipped at the water, while looking over at me the entire time.

    I held steady with the stream of water from my hose. The hummingbird began to fly closer to me, almost a half a foot away from my face. Still standing still I was amazed how the bird fluttered so close and stayed for awhile getting to know me. Thanks for this special memory this morning…

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.. from Laura ~

  3. It is one of the reasons I love spring so much. When our resident Cardinal starts singing every morning before sunrise, I revel in the beauty of his love call to the females. It is the longest call I have ever heard a Cardinal make.

  4. The birds have been very noisy lately. I’m guessing it’s mating season and there’s some serious dating going on. I love each stage especially when tons of baby birds start to come to the feeders. They will sit in a row on a tree branch and just like kids one will push the next one off. Keeps me in hysterics and keeps my “indoor” cats entertained too. We get big hawks too. It’s a circle of life but I don’t much like the killing.

    1. When it’s time for baby bluejays to learn to fly, parents are always nearby, and invariably Rumpy gets divebombed a time or two. Now THAT is funny to watch!

      1. The mockingbirds used to dive bomb my cat Jake. He rarely goes out these days and if he does, he’s not much of a threat. It was funny when he came running to the house though.

  5. My bird-delivered life lesson is simply this: if you want to enjoy the song, you have to put up with the poop. Currently this message is all over my mailbox and all over my car, but I still love to hear them sing.

  6. Same ones. Those magical sounds, and also their magical movements as they fly around anywhere, in the city or out in the woods. Can you imagine a world without birds?

  7. Lovely post. I like to watch the birds, and feel quite humble sometimes. Not for them a centrally heated house, flush loo and all creature comforts us humans expect in our everyday lives.They survive day to day in all weathers, facing all perils, predators and elements, and how to we treat them? Destroy their natural habitat and breeding grounds, build on nesting sites, poison and pollute the water. Mankind is cruel, yet Nature finds a way and thrives.

  8. Wow! I’m so jealous that you can hear those woodpeckers sound in your life…..I’ve never heard of the real sound of them…..we only see sparrow everyday here…BUT! in winter, sometimes a pair of white-eyes come to the camelia tree in our smaill garden, so they offer us very peaceful life!!! 🙂

  9. I love birds-watching them, hearing them, seeing how they are able to withstand the snow and rain and return each day to feed. Woodpeckers are funny and fascinating with their antics.

  10. Each morning, we love the sound of the mourning dove family that roosts in the tree just outside our bedroom window.

  11. I love bird song, and I love watching them (as you can tell from my blog!). They’re beautiful creatures and always make me think of the freedom of soaring above the fray that is human life. When we used to go camping in the woods, I loved being awakened by a cacophony of birds – it was joyous. 🙂

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