There’s a (Beware of Dog) Sign on the Wall…. But She Wants to be Sure….

This week I stopped by PetSmart and I saw this:

dog on premises

It caught my eye, because usually dog warning signs look something like this:

beware of dog

As I am wont to do, I began to think about the meaning of each sign, and the purpose of displaying either of them.

I’ve never before posted signs where I lived, because I didn’t see the point. In most areas of the country, they don’t lessen your legal liability for injuries caused by your dog unless the person injured was clearly trespassing.  Besides, I was naive to all that until I had a dog injure another dog. After that incident, my dogs didn’t go outdoors without me out there with them.

I’ve always found the old Beware of Dog signs intimidating, as if the dog within was a vicious attack dog. The other sign, Dog on Premises, seems less intimidating. It’s a “Please don’t leave the gate open because I have dogs,” kinda sign, as opposed to, “enter this yard, leave missing a body part.”

After my mower was stolen, I changed my mind and posted these signs outside either entrance.

I liked these. It’s the same message, but without the red background.

I wanted any would-be burglar to think twice about going inside, and protect myself if the dummy does anyway. I’ve also purchased a Dog on Premises sign to attach to the outside gate.

Do you use warning signs? Why or why not? 

35 thoughts on “There’s a (Beware of Dog) Sign on the Wall…. But She Wants to be Sure….

  1. I’ve got a funny sign once for the huskies, I placed it on my door and we noticed that nearly all that unwelcome visititors stay away now. The other side is that we have to pick up our mail at the post office, because the post guy avoids houses with such warning signs.

  2. No as here if a sign says beware the dog ..then you have basically admitted liability right there…also for me it is a sign that tells would be criminals that my dog may be perfect for no never a sign like that..a big pair of mens boots and a mid sized pair of mens boots side by side on the porch can be good ..says a man ot two lives here :))

    1. I’d heard that if the police saw that sign, they’d assume the dog was vicious so they’d shoot first and ask questions later. I don’t have problems with the police, but worry wort here doesn’t want to take any chances.

  3. No, no signs here…none needed – Daisy lets everyone know she’s here and that she’s a nutty noisy little dog if they get within a block of our house. 😉

    1. Ya know, I really don’t know what Rumpy does when I’m not home. He’s usually quiet when people come to the door. Now when DeDe was alive, you can bet I’d know as soon as someone stepped in the yard!

  4. We have had “Dogs at play” signs on the gates leading into our fenced in yard. The purpose being kind of what you said about meaning “please don’t leave the gate open”.

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  6. 1200 Volt Edison Line Transformer on premises; Linux geek on premises; Napalm canisters on premises; Bruce Lee (the Legend) on premises; Angry woman with boiling oatmeal on premises; Alligator on premises; Teenage girl with iPhone on premises; Texas Leatherface – serial killer on premises; and the most dangerous of all – Freshman Senator trying to make a name for himself, on premises.

  7. I’ve had the sign discussion with my husband many times. He’s an attorney and we rescue rottweilers. We’ve opted not to post because it can act as an admission of knowing one’s dog is unsafe if we ever did land in a court case, which thankfully we never have. But, in your situation it’s a good protective devise. I had my hubby read this and he said, “Yes, particularly in your case since Rumpy’s breed isn’t one known to be a biter or viscous.” Have a good and safe relaxing weekend ya’ll. Love, Paulette & gang

    1. Whoa! Thanks! So what does your husband suggest is the best way to let people know there are dogs on the premises without implying they are mean dogs?

  8. No warning signs. If you can’t hear them when you approach, you are in big trouble. Dogs are never outside without me being attached to them. Why take a chance. You should get a Smile for the Camera sign for the front of your house. It might help. Who is to know if you do or don’t have one.

  9. I use what’s available, which are “Beware of Dogs” signs. Mostly, what I want is to make sure no one leaves my gates open. I worry about the road and cars. I really want to say “Stay out! My yard belongs to my dogs!”

  10. When i lived in the city yes I did.The city I lived in you are supposed to have these signs up if you have a dog. Where I live now I don’t. Sense I live in such a rural area there is no need for them.

      1. No no meth heads. Meth is not as popular in this area as it is in other areas. I’ve heard about it maybe twice in 6 years and those people got caught.

  11. I like your idea. That sign says what it needs to say. I have no sign. If I ever find one that says, “My dog acts like a kitten and may or may not kiss you to death,” I’ll pick it up. 🙂

  12. In Japan, some of dog owners put a sign like ‘beware of Dog’ at their gate for the security. Funnily, those signs have a logo of aggressive dog that show their canine teeth.

  13. Posted signs make me aware when I’m out and about, but in my case, I’d have find a sign that says “Warning, sweet & shameless tag wagger on premises.” Sam couldn’t scare a flea away, let alone any potential intruder except of course the “serial killer mailman” 🙂 Though I know he won’t hurt her once the door opens and I grab the mail-he does exactly what I expect, wiggle himself silly and lean against her leg for ear scratches. 🙂

  14. Around here people put beware of dog signs even if they don’t have a dog to scare thiefs. In our condo building, we can’t put anything on the door. The people next door have a dog as big as a horse and mean. Thursday into Saturday, there smoke alarm was beeping low battery and none of the porters or super would knock on their door to change the battery cos they were scared of the dog. The beep drove TW crazy so she finally shoved a note under their door.

  15. I use the ‘Dog on Premises’ sign – mine is blue and bone-shaped. I liked the friendly message. I normally keep my gate locked from the inside, but I like the security of passersby knowing I have dogs.

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