Sign! Sign! Everywhere a Sign!

I see lots of signs while we’re out walking. Rumpy could care less, of course, because he can’t read them.

But I find them interesting.

Here are a few of the signs we see while on our walks.

This one always fascinates me because it’s at a storage building that is not accessible to the public.
These were posted to keep the skateboarders off the property. It doesn’t stop them.
I’m not sure the purpose of this sign, because I’ve not seen anyone around for whom it would apply. The crossing is from an abandoned paved lot to an abandoned paved lot.Β 
That's miles per hour for my metric-using friends.
That’s miles per hour for my metric-using friends.
Rumpy and I always ignore this one.
This one we always abide by.

14 thoughts on “Sign! Sign! Everywhere a Sign!

  1. We we always need something to think about when out walking maybe that is why they ( whoever they are ) put the signs up to keep our brains active!! xxxx

  2. we have a lot of signs too sadly 99% of all car drivers ignore the speed limit :o(
    the funniest is the one what’s placed below the speed limits sign it says “fresh homemade sausages” :o)

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