Adios, June Buggie!

June Buggie ran away from home. 

MEOW! I found someone new, and she's better than you!
MEOW! I found someone new, and she’s better than you!

I found the note this morning. It took me awhile to decipher, because his penmanship sucks, but was eventually able to make out that after 17 years of putting up with my crap, he was over it and ready to move on. He tied a couple of cans of Fancy Feast inside of a kitchen towel, along with a catnip mouse, broke out a window on the front porch by knocking over my weed eater, then hit the road.

Rumpy is incredibly sad, but relieved that no longer will he be subjected to random smacks to the nose for no other reason than June Buggie KNEW he could get away with it.

A clipart representation of how I felt this morning when I realized I'd have to pay to get the window fixed (clipart from
A clip art representation of how I felt this morning when I realized I’d have to pay to get the window fixed (clip art from

As for me, I’m feeling guilty, but I am also extremely angry. I put up with that cat clawing up my arms, jumping on me in strategically sensitive areas while I slept, and meowing in my face whenever he wanted something for 17 years, and THIS is the thanks I get? Does he not CARE how much money I’ve spent on vet bills, cat food, kitty litter? How I’ve scooped litter boxes every day so he would have a clean place to poop? How I had to watch the door every time Rumpy and I went out because June Buggie was going to try to run out with us? How I chased him whenever he DID get out, because once he was out there, he was scared to death? How I’ve met his insatiable desire for cream by giving him a little every morning, even though I know it really isn’t good for him to ingest that stuff?

So if the little ingrate wants to try to find some greener grass somewhere else, let him have at it. At least Rumpy still loves me.

The last thing June Buggie wrote is that he’s met someone new on Facebook and he’ll be moving in with her. Her name is Lirpa Loof. 

63 thoughts on “Adios, June Buggie!

  1. Lirpa Loof? thats a special paw cream, right? It was smartto take the food and the kitchen towel with you June Buggie… I probably would furget the food… or the kitchen towel LOL GOOOOOOOD ONE!

  2. I’m sorry….Jen…I’m so confused and am upset…..I don’t understand…..June Buggie….has left from you?….really…..?I can’t look at his cute faces anymore….? He run away from your house???? *tesrs*

      1. Oh! *blush* I”m so embarrassed…I’m sorry that I didn’t get it…..*blush* Anyway I’m now so happy that it’s a joke of April Fool! 🙂

  3. Oh Rumpy…just wait until June Buggie tires of Lurpa and comes back home…and tries to slip back in the newly fixed broken window. Oh yeah…June Buggie will have some explaining to do! 😉

  4. Hope June Buggie has a sense of humor…he may sneak over and double lock the door while you’re outside as revenge (and sit in the window looking smug while shredding something important.) Molly ran to the window to look for the lost cat…I keep telling her it’s April Fools, but she’s not budging.

  5. After 17 years of all you two do for June Buggie…no way he would run away…he is too smart for that. LOL Happy April Fools Day to you all and big hugs and nose kisses,

  6. Whew! I’m SO relieved that this is an April Fool’s thing! I was getting more and more panicked with every word I read until the end. I hope Rumpy isn’t too disappointed!

  7. OMC! We were already making a #pawcircle for our furry friend by the time OurGirl finished reading the post! What a relief! Next to the day Daylight Time starts, today is her most un-favorite day. It’s her excuse for staying in bed til tomorrow. But now she can get up and give us extra-tasty noms to celebrate instead. Hugs & love to all, esp. Bad Boy Buggie!

  8. Ha Ha – in your dreams – no way is June Buggie going to leave the wonderful home he has!!! April Fool’s to you too:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Not Jen. I got very upset and sad as I read your post. You did use the [pst to vent about every thing you did for June Buggy. I’m glad it was a joke.

  10. I hope June Buggie packed his underwear and lots of those nice treats in his case… 🙂 and so pleased its late and April Fool is now past its bewitching hour.. 🙂 Happy Easter Jen and all the four legged furballs 🙂

  11. THAT is not funny! I sat here crying my eyes out………….only to finally learn from the comments that you were JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very cruel.

  12. Whew! Mom, Wimphead an’ Ai iz glad iz jus’ Lirpa Loof! Ai wuz ‘bowt ta frow up a hareball! ~Bob

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