They’re Just Weeds

It’s spring, and after a harsh winter, Nature blesses us with the beauty of flowers.

Sorry, don’t know what this little guy is called.

But we don’t like them. They are too small.

or this one….

They’re not in the right place.

Azaleas in bloom behind an abandoned building.

They’re weeds! Yuck!

Nope, don’t know what these are either.

So we pull them up. We spray weed killer on them. We fertilize our lawns with chemicals that seep into our ground water, when all we had to do was mulch up the leaves from last fall and leave them on the ground. Then we plant the “right” kinds of flowers, putting them in the “right” places.

or this…..

All that hard work to have a “perfect” lawn, when Nature had already done all the work for free.

Don’t know the name of these, but I already told you that with the other photo of a single bloom.

We humans are such pompous bastards. 


A HUGE shout-out to Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge! The April 1st post, Killing Flowers, inspired this post.


28 thoughts on “They’re Just Weeds

  1. A weed is nothing more than a plant in an undesired location. We’ve transplanted “weeds” before, putting them into a more desired location (like from the lawn into the flower box). There are some really nice “weeds” out there. Then there are the ones I’m highly allergic to – those simply have got to go.

    1. I love seeing the little tiny flowers peeking up in the tall grass as we go for our walks. I feel sad when I drive by the fancy lawns where people water, spray chemicals, and all that other stuff to have “pretty” lawns. Who decided that was pretty? I hate them. They’re like cyber-lawns.

      1. I agree… there is no summer feeling on such a lawn… it feels like I would discover a tag in the next minute there: Made in China or 100% polyester :o(

  2. Chemicals and years of grazing hard have left our property a mess…yes the blackberry and gorse have to go..they have choked our dam and waterways and are non native..being replaced by native species that brings balance back…as for weeds..we have an obligation with certain types to rid the land of them..i prefer to plant native and have them choke weeds out naturally…this land here is so devoid of goodness it is hard work as we ADD proper balance..the house yard we have worked hard to get grass in for the pups…they need that area but boy no chemicals here…all natural…:)

      1. English bought them in with rabbits and foxes..urghh…a great idea at the time…people do some odd things..slowly we are getting a healthy system back..and have seen an increase in bird species it is nice knowing we are adding natural health back..but a hard job indeed..

  3. So true!!People can’t stop trying to control everything can they??And they get stuck in ideas of what ‘fits’ or what’s ‘acceptable’.Arrogance is not attractive and sadly many human beings have it, in abundance!!

    1. I’m seeing lots of folks spraying stuff on lawns- fertilizer, weed killer, bug killers- and none of that stuff is good for the environment.

      1. I know!!People are such idiots,they just want rid of anything they don’t like and don’t care or even think about how they do it, it’s heartbreaking and you see it all the time. I don’t know where it’s going to end!!

  4. Don’t forget that orchids are considered a weed in Hawaii. Of all things! I watched a movie the other day, Bhopal, a Prayer for Rain about the horrible pesticide accident that killed over 10,000 people in 24 hours. Can’t stop thinking of it. And this reminded me of it. Also did you see the item recently in the news about a family vacationing on a Caribbean island and mid their stay their room was sprayed with pesticides, that they weren’t supposed to be using. The teenage boys are in a coma and the parents became ill. Sorry for my rampage but… Thanks for the post Rumpy and be careful what you sniff.

  5. OurPeople love flowery weeds! We have a drought here and weeds will grow even without water. Maybe especially without water! The backyard is a Wildlife Habitat and wildlife love weeds, particularly dandelions. We have trumpet vines with bright orange flowers, too. Some people think of them as weeds, but we think of them as Mother Nature’s gift to our yard.

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