There Has Been a Slight Change in the Schedule…

I am what one would call a Creature of Habit. 

It's breakfast at 5 if you want to stay alive.
It’s breakfast at 5 if you want to stay alive.

It’s not that I especially like getting up at 5 AM every morning, including my days off, but I might as well, because my body thinks it’s time to get up, and June Buggie demands it.

So it’s up and at ’em. Outside with Rumpy for a pee. The feeding of the family. The cleaning and refilling of the water bowls. The scooping of the litter boxes.

Afterward, a few moments to myself to drink coffee and get online. Maybe even write a blog post.

Rumpy and I have been heading out for our morning walk between 6:45 and 7:00 AM each morning. But lately I’ve noticed it’s getting pretty hot by that time. So I’ve decided we need to head out earlier on our walks.

Can we go now? Huh? Huh? Can we go now?
Can we go now? Huh? Huh? Can we go now?

This one small change is taking a LOT of getting used to.

Not with Rumpy. He’s happy to go earlier. It’s cooler and that gives him more time to walk and sniff the world around him.

June Buggie is a bit freaked out about the change, but only because he has to be on his game earlier to try to run out on the porch with us.

Actually, the problem is with me. My body is rebelling. I operate on auto-pilot more than I realize, and this is NOT how we do things in the morning, thank you very much!

And, of course, my calculating mind is reminding me that this is going to change everything! Did you hear me? EVERYTHING! I am too stressed to handle this!

Which sounds totally ridiculous when I write it down, as I already knew it was. So why am I fighting this one small change in routine?

I don’t know, but I’m sure Rumpy will quickly adapt, and then he’ll keep me on the new schedule.


26 thoughts on “There Has Been a Slight Change in the Schedule…

  1. I hear you…. I feel like 108 for the first days , when I change my daily routine…. and Easy is a meanie on that front, he accepts an earlier walk… but demands his “regular” walk too…

  2. I’m a creature of a schedule. Changes stress me out. Just ask my mom. I squeal her awake promptly at 6:30AM every morning. I know! The things I do for her – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Since I adopted these four cats, I get up at 5am for feeding them, too…..sometimes I really don’t feel getting up so early….but if I think of their face being hungry, I can’t stay in my bed anymore……

  4. BJ has his routine whether it conforms with mine or not. I take him out in the morning, at around 4, and again at 11. When I take him with me on an errand he’s happy to go out. He rests when get home and then at 4 he starts bugging me. He doesn’t have to pee, it’s just 4 and he knows he goes out at 4. The same thing happens at 11. If I take him out 10, he still starts to bug me at 11 to out.

    Who says dogs and cats can’t tell time.

  5. I can’t believe I never thought to ask here before. I have relations arriving from the UK who like to walk the dog themselves in their own sweet time at 9.30 a.m. in August which is about 30 degrees. It drives me crazy and won’t listen to me. So frustrating that they choose to visit us at the hottest time and give me this problem. They grew up with farm dogs that sleep the rest of the day so they think it’s fine that Sandy is puffing and panting all day after. I’m sort of planning on walking her myself at 630 700 ish and telling them they can walk whenever they like just not with Sandy until the evening. Do you think it’s bad for a dog to go for a brisk one hour walk in 30 degrees?

  6. I make no accommodation for the season. hey are walked the same time no matter. It is hot in Florida most of the year and I don’t do excuses with my walking. I still put in my 10 miles a day outdoors.

  7. Whee are all creatures of habit. When the hour changed for Spring whee kept squeaking for our midmorning vegetables as though the hour hadn’t changed! It was very confusing!

  8. wow? where do you reside in that it’s so hot already? however — we’re in the “high desert” and very soon it’ll be TOO HOT for RockSea-Dog to do anything but lie in the shade for much of the day. like you, we try to go out early — but we also have the additional choice to GO UP IN ALTITUDE — where it’s usually a bit cooler ~~

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