Light Weight Litters- They’re Not All the Same

Back in January I wrote a blog post about some of the various litters I’d tried. I said I wasn’t with the lightweight litter choices out there. But after I was bitten by a dog and my dominant left hand was useless for several days,  scooping the litter box quickly escalated from a task I dislike but could easily perform to one that was quite labor-intensive. I decided then to rethink my position on lightweight litter.

In looking for a lightweight litter I could live with, I quickly learned that all lightweight litters are not created equally.

All three of these cat litter products are marketed as lightweight. Each is different in texture.

Lighter litter typically costs more than the regular clay litter (and are often excluded when regular clay litters are on sale), so I want to be sure that I’m paying more for a product that performs well.

Fresh and Light’s labeling says it’s up to 40% lighter than regular litter. The litter is dark gray, gritty, and doesn’t clump well. I bought this on sale at Publix; it was BOGO Free, or two for $8.
The EquisiCat packaging says this product 50% lighter than regular litter. This product is also dark gray, but has a bit more coarse texture than the Cat’s Pride. I bought this on sale, but I don’t remember the cost.
The Tidy Cats LightWeight has a lighter color. It clumps well, but is easily tracked all through the house. It’s also expensive. This one container cost $20 on sale, and filled two large litter boxes and one small one.

Going with a cheaper litter isn’t ideal, as it requires cleaning the box and replacing the litter more often, and with the less than stellar clumping action, you may still be exerting pressure to scoop the box. Be sure to keep an appropriate depth of litter in the box. I clean the litter boxes with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaning concentrate in water. I pour a small amount in the bottom of the box and use a cloth to cover all inside surfaces. Mrs. Meyers does a great job of cutting through the litter and leaving the box clean.

As I grow older, I know that lugging large containers of regular clay will not always be an option. Sometimes there are staff available to help with the loading, but when it comes to unloading, I’m on my own.  The large container of LightWeight was easy for me to lift, and was light enough that the handle didn’t cut into my hand. I have a strong grip in my right hand and I could carry the container and a shopping bag in one hand IF the shopping bag wasn’t heavy. The Cat’s Pride and ExquisiCat containers had the built-in handles. If I had use of only one hand, I could carry one of the smaller jugs, but because of the grip needed to hold onto the jug, it would be difficult to also carry a shopping bag.

So for my friends with limited use of hands or arms, how do you manage the litter box? 

9 thoughts on “Light Weight Litters- They’re Not All the Same

  1. I tried the Tidy Cat and found it too dusty for me. Litter was everywhere. I haven’t tried anything else but I saw that Arm and Hammer came out with a lightweight litter. The reviews are mixed with half loving it and half saying it didn’t clump right or was too perfumy. I haven’t found it locally yet to try but that is my next attempt at lighting up my load.

  2. I use Perfect Litter–4 lb box lasts a month for one cat, and if the urine pH is too high, the litter turns pink. Nice alert system to get the cat vet checked.

  3. It’s taken me about 16 or more years to find it but at Petsmart Worlds Best Cat Litter is finally what I want. It’s natural, controls most odor, doesn’t track as much and after it’s used I put it outside as mulch.

  4. I don’t use a litter box anymore. I have trained my cat to use puppy pads. I spread one pad on the rug in the bathroom and she does her business there. I just change the pad as soon as it is soiled. Very cost effective through Amazon (they deliver it) I use… I go through 2 pads per day. The pads work great and last quite a while. No odor unless you leave it down for an extended period of time.

  5. I’m sorry that you were bitten. I take care of cats and some clients use the cider which is very light. It also can be flushed down the toilet. It does keep the order down. I don’t care for it because it tracks when the kitties jump out of the litter box.

  6. Litter boxes are always my problem too…..we have three litter boxes for our four cats even though it’s said that we should have it plus one than we have…..because our house is not so big so we can’t put five litter boxes in our house…because of these circumstances, although we often clean them, a small chip of sand are everywhere…..cats carry them with thier claw…..*sigh*

  7. While I don’t have a cat, I do have to lug 40# packages of dog food and that is becoming harder and harder (especially after shoulder reconstruction a year and a half ago). Schlepping those heavy loads against my hip has been my salvation but one of these days, those puppies probably won’t work well either. Getting old is the pits!

  8. We’re so sorry about your hand, Jen. We don’t use light litters here, but you certainly raise some good points for us to think about!

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