My Dog is an Angel

I woke up this morning and my body didn’t want to move. I’d worked 65 hours in 6 days, and I felt it in every bone in my body.


Right now we’re so short of staff that we can work all the overtime we want, and since there’s a chance there will be no budget approved by the Florida Legislature by July 1st, I’m getting in all I can so I can be ready… just in case.

So here I am trying to get up out of bed to meet the needs of the gang, but my body is protesting. By sheer will power (egged on by a need to pee) did I rise up, feed, fill water bowls, and clean litter boxes.

And then the dog is ready for a walk. 


But I ran a brush through my hair, put on shoes, loaded my pocket with poop bags, and off we went.


And you know what? It felt amazing!

The air was cool, a breeze was blowing, and yet it was still rather quiet before the workday storm. We walked twice as far as we normally do. A fella at the plumbing business we usually pass stopped and said hello, and shared how he’d had a Malamute years ago. I could tell seeing Rumpy brought back to him some happy memories.

The homeless people who’d just left the Mission were migrating to wherever it is they go in the daytime, but none of them bothered us. The crazy drug addict that lives a block away and is afraid of us was out, but she went on her way and we ignored her.

Afterward, I thanked Rumpy for helping me feel rejuvenated. He just smiled.

That dog knows what he’s doing. 

25 thoughts on “My Dog is an Angel

  1. I know that Rumpy has brought many happy things to you Jen!!!!! I remember that walking in the very early morning with Kevin gave me wonderful start of the day! 😊

  2. Our pets keep us on our toes, that’s for sure – and especially dogs because they love a routine and Rumpy needed his daily walk! See what it did for you, it perked you up, just like Rumpy does every single day!

  3. Sending hugs! I totally understand please get your rest and relax a little. We are pulling for u.

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