Hey, God: When You’re Done Fixing Sporting Matches, I Could Use Your Help

During times of great stress, we humans tend to rethink our place in the Universe and whether or not there’s truly someone in charge.

I’m doing that right now. 

God according to Michelangelo
God according to Michelangelo

Is there really a benevolent overlord somewhere up in the sky pulling the strings that make us all dance and waiting for us to fuck up so he can doom us to eternal damnation? Or is this presence a comforting one that lacks power but makes up for it with endless compassion?

Or is there nothing but a universe full of empty wishes and hopes?

I get on Facebook and the religious among my acquaintances love to post about how wonderful their god is. How merciful and powerful.  That’s great for you who lucked up and got an easy life. But when I get called to the neonatal intensive care unit and see yet another baby going through drug withdrawals because he or she was unfortunate enough to have been born to an addicted mother, I doubt the power and mercy of that god of theirs.

God krishna with Radha
God krishna with Radha

I wonder about a god that depends on the likes of me, overworked and overwhelmed, to ensure that kids are safe, because he’s too busy answering the prayers of high-paid sports figures and gun enthusiasts.

Was a god looking out for those kids who last night witnessed a man, perhaps their father, beat the shit out of their mother? Is a god there for those kids whose mothers and fathers are using them as pawns in their nasty divorce battles, and through their bitterness cause their children great emotional harm? Where is this god of yours for them? Oh yeah, he’s too busy laying up in some church listening to a mother pray her kid chooses to become a doctor instead of a musician.

I have come to believe that faith in a god is much like everything else in this world: class-based. If you are poor or in misery, it’s because you didn’t believe hard enough, or pray the right way. And if you’re living a comfortable life, it’s because you did, whether you tried to or not.


For those of you who are offended that I dare second-guess a belief that you hold more dear than anything else, I ask you to give up a moment of your precious god’s time and ask him to do something besides listen to you. I’ve got some kids that could use his or her help right now. And I think their need is a bit more dire than your need to get a good parking spot.

In the meantime, I’ll suit up and go to work, because I’m really not expecting anything to change. 


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42 thoughts on “Hey, God: When You’re Done Fixing Sporting Matches, I Could Use Your Help

  1. I could not agree with you more. I have a faith system and I do pray to God for things to change and sometimes they do. I know when Isaiah was really sick, people prayed for him and now he is doing much better. Was it all the prayers to God who did this, or the excellent emergency vet that I took him to. I like to think it was a combination of both. I hope people do not get angry with you because you are entitled to express your opinion and I will defend your right to express it, even if I did not agree. I hope things get better for you soon. You deserve it.

    Joyce and Isaiah

  2. I do believe in a higher power (let’s call it God) but the problem that I see is a common expectation that God should solve all our problems; protect us, and not allow bad things to happen. It is my deduction that if God had that kind of control such that he stopped us from making stupid decisions; stopped us from experimenting etc. etc., it could only be achieved by making us automatons. i.e. we would have no control over our lives. It is my belief that God chose to give us the freedom of choice. We are now reaping the results of those choices, be it good or bad. Just some thoughts!

      1. We also reap what our politicians sow. We also reaped what our parents sowed. We are reaping what science and medical experimentation sowed. We can choose to dwell on the negatives of that “sowing”, or we can celebrate the positives. Do we focus on cancer, or do we celebrate robotic surgery? Do I focus on my genetic history which makes cancer of the prostate very likely, or do I celebrate that, as at today, I am pretty healthy? Do I focus on the brain tumor that my daughter has been fighting for a few years now, or do I celebrate that I still have a wonderful daughter? The saying “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” is very pertinent.

  3. Very well said. If I prayed to anything or for anything it would be to give you more strength to continue to do the selfless work you do to help the helpless. Thanks for your work. It isn’t something I could do.


    1. I get very frustrated when the cases just keep coming, the kids keep getting hurt, and all I see from my so-called religious friends is their fear that they can’t wish each other a Merry Christmas. I mean, really, who gives a shit?

  4. Expectations are killers. So is believing in something intangible. I don’t have answers but something you wrote really struck me and my though to it was how about we stop asking God for favors and ask each other? The people we can count on. And when they do deliver, we thank them. I’ll start now. Thank you for all you do. All you put up with. It’s not easy. It’s not pleasant. But YOU make a difference. You do to me. You do for every life you touch with your honesty and ethical work.

    Another thought I had was I really wish we lived closer. I’d have you and Rumpy over here and pamper you a little. Not because you’re more important than the children you see who are suffering and dealt a shitty hand but because you may be the only one in their lives making a difference. And most definitely you certainly matter. You do to this friend.

    For whatever it’s worth, I’m glad to know you and grateful you walk this earth.


  5. I recommend, if you haven’t already done so, to read Erich Fromm, A Man for Himself. What you say here resonates with me a lot these days and for most of my life. Most people, from birth to death, including myself, depending on their cultural background, are programmed with a particular “God” figure. I don’t understand why some people, good people, little children meet such violent ends…so much needless suffering. I will tell you, from my perspective it has nothing to do with God…it’s man. What man has done to the environment, our food, our water, our education, our medical system, war….we do this and only we, not some savior, can stop/change any of it. Continue to lead by example – the Serenity Prayer really helps me with this. Your not alone in your experience or observations!

    1. You think I have time to read a book? I don’t need a book. I need somebody to give a damn about these kids BEFORE they get to me. Let the rest of the world read a damn book.

  6. I also have these thoughts about God. I believe in a higher power, just not what the majority of people believe. Because I always ask myself, ‘what did I do to deserve to have Lupus & Fibromyalgia?’ I’m starting to learn about Budhism & other ways of thinking instead of there just being ‘one and only God.’ But then again, I always have leaned toward Darwinism…

    1. I’m glad that’s working for you. I personally don’t care about a god. I’m old and I’m tired, and if there is one, it’s too late for him or her to change my mind into believing anyway. But I get so pissed off when I see these holier-than-thou types telling me about all their blessings, then have to walk into a home where the kids live in dilapidated conditions because that’s the best their parents can do. Maybe instead of god sending money to preachers to wear fancy clothes and be on TV, he might think about those kids living off handouts and hand-me-downs.

  7. Hi Y’all,

    I’m a simple dog who doesn’t fully understand God. My Humans go to church.

    My Human seems to think there is a power that created the galaxy, or at least was responsible for starting things in motion. Perhaps, instead of a sheltered world we suffer and see suffering because Eve talked Adam into taking a bite of the forbidden apple.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Any God that would punish an infant with heroin withdrawals because of the actions of one person thousands of years ago is not worthy of my belief in it. Just sayin…..

  8. (((hugs))) It’s hard when you get overwhelmed and overworked. I believe in God who created everything. but I don’t think he’s up there dealing with all the petty crap people pray about. I think we’re here to help each other instead of being holed up somewhere not caring or helping those around us. I think we, the people, are suppose to work together to get things fixed and prevent bad things from happening. And I think god gives us the strength to keep going. We, and you especially, make a difference. Sometimes it gets drowned out by all the stuff Western Culture promotes. But we need to keep seeing things and fixing them as best we can. And we need to support each other in this work. Otherwise there’s no point in doing anything.

      1. Being a sexual abuse survivor, I pray for that continuously. Take care.❤

  9. We are given the freedom to make choices, God does not twist our arms to do the right thing, he permits people to do as they please and the result is that they reap what they sow. If you abuse your kids, you go to jail or get them taken away. If you keep your focus on imperfect people you will be depressed forever. It’s the condition of hearts.. dark and evil and some light and good. It’s s choice to be bitter..or to be grateful for what you have.

  10. When my Kevin was diagnosed with cancer, all our family were praying to give him a miracle to overcome it, but our prayers were helpless……I don’t know if god was very busy and couldn’t help my Kevin…..

  11. Very intelligent post. I tend toward agnostic thoughts and humanism. I respect all faiths and an interested in spirituality but I have a scientific bent.

    Retro rover

  12. I am Hebrew and that we have free choice and that is why non-positive things happen. I still have a hard time with “where was G-d during the holocaust??

  13. Well said. I can guess you keep your thoughts to yourself in Panama City – I grew up in Destin myself, and I know well how poorly people in the area take to anyone that doesn’t praise god for everything. Best of luck – but my good wishes are as useful as prayers, I’m afraid.

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