Rumpy’s Tummy is Under Attack by Terrorist Bacteria!

The Rumpster is sick.

Yesterday morning while we were walking, Rumpy produced a particularly stinky poo.

When I got home for lunch, he’d had an accident in the laundry room. It smelled awful. I switched him to a bland diet, but he continued to have diarrhea today, and this afternoon there was blood in the discharge.

So off to the vet we went.

Poor Rump. He was not happy at the vet’s office.

Rumpy’s ear canal was raw and infected. Dr. Gillespie cleaned out his ear, then put some medicine inside.

Dr. Gillespie shaved the Rumpster’s behind to get the poo off his bottom.

They shaved Rumpy’s butt to clean him up. Yep, that’s all from his behind.

The vet said Rumpy’s gut bacteria are out of whack. So a steroid shot and prescription meds, and he should be back on track in a few days.

I’m not sure what’s the cause of Rumpy’s gastric distress, but the vet wanted to know if he’s eaten any human food. I told him sure, every chance he gets.

But he won’t be eating anymore anytime soon.



63 thoughts on “Rumpy’s Tummy is Under Attack by Terrorist Bacteria!

  1. Poor baby. It’s not fun to have a tummy upset like that. Mommy was so quick to take you to the vet to get you meds to get you better. Ask mommy about giving you some white rice. That’s what mommy gave me when I was sick like you are. Feel better Rump. Hugs and licks and my paws are together to pray for you to get better FAST.

  2. Rumpy, I think they’re tricking you to keep the people food away from you. Don’t let them fool you. Keep eating that people food. And if they won’t let you near it, insist on lots of cookies. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Poor Rumpy! WE hope those meds help you feel better soon. And we will be purring and praying, and sending you love.

  4. Oh no….I’m very sorry to hear that Rumpy had to be suffering from his bad condition….but am relieved to know that he didn’t have a
    difficult illness. I strongly hope that he gets better soon. hugs

  5. Oh, I hope this is resolved soon, poor Rumpy! I can’t tell you how much I can relate to this as we’ve been fighting salmonella and now constant diarrheas 2 months now [after having taken tons of antibiotics, probiotics [fortiflora or yeast], a number of diarrhea pills, gastrointestinal food and now wd… At least now we don’t have to go out about 10 times in the middle of the night! So, Rumpy, GET WELL SOON and follow Jen’s order’s!!! 😉

  6. Oh poor cookie saurus… please get well soon… I hope so much that the bacterias run away when you take your meds and that you are back to a happy Rumpy soon…

      1. Commenting again…if you try the probiotic, give them apart from the antibiotic. If you give them at the same time the antibiotic will kill the good bacteria in the probiotic along with the bad bacteria in Rumpy’s gut. Dog probiotics are super expensive, just want to make sure they’re as effective as possible.

  7. We send our sympathy! Our Springer Ed is recovering from a similar problem, with similar treatment. Our vet said his problem could be due to eating bird poo! Smelly boys!
    I hope Rumpy is better soon x

  8. My dog had a problem like that just a few weeks ago. Started with an ear problem and a week later he had poo the consistency of tar with blood in it. Turned out to be a clostridium overgrowth. After some medication, dog probiotics, and a bland diet he’s been fine. Get well soon Rumpy!

  9. Neko (American Akita) does this all the time. She gets three big spoons of yoghurt a day, and no treats but carrots… And still goes off her food. First time it happened it was liquid blood-poop. Nothing like that smell. Ghastly! And cleaning it out of the grooves in our wood floor was AWFUL. Vet hasn’t a clue, but if we catch it early we fast her for one day, then three days of white rice and something like chicken or tuna.
    Sometimes I think she refuses to eat because she wants rice and tuna!

  10. The Fluffy Dog is particularly prone to awful stinky cannonbutt when the weather gets hot. The Brindle Dog, as she ages, is more and more often getting the Hershey squirts if her meal is too big. Or too small. Or too late. Canine Runny Bum Disorder is such a messy, smelly pool of ickyness. Here’s hoping Rumpy and his poo are back to normal!

    On a related note, a vet I once interned with advised his clients to always feed bits of different kinds of food, including human food. His opinion was that dogs who only ever get the same brand of kibble will develop tummies that are more sensitive to any variation (stray gunk outside, the occasional dead bird or old sandwich off the street) and thus likely to be more prone to vomiting and diarrhea. A school of thought that differs from the “no human food!” philosophy!

      1. Yeah, I feed raw and use table scraps as treats. Also, nothing prevents food waste like a pair of shepherds who willingly consume old baguettes, iffy cheese, and wrinkly apples!

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