I Think I May Be in Trouble!

My life is in peril.

With my working so much lately, I’m hardly home. When I am home, I’m still working. Or sleeping. Or (heaven forbid) walking the dog.

The feline contingency has decided enough is enough.

This situation is simply unacceptable.

I’ve noticed lately the looks of disdain and of downright anger. Even Rumpy is fearful of what may happen. He’s tried to tell me to watch my back, as there’s only so much even he can do to protect me from the wrath of a feline.

I’m watching you, and I don’t like what I see.

I’ve tried to bribe them with treats and coffee creamer, but that only goes so far.

Your days are numbered.  Soon as I figure out how to open the food container, you're outta here!
Your days are numbered. Soon as I figure out how to open the food container, you’re outta here!

If you don’t hear from me, please send help…. and cookies for Rumpy.

22 thoughts on “I Think I May Be in Trouble!

  1. Oh no…poor kitties and also poor Jen….I understand your trouble and how you feel, Jen and understand how your kitties feel as well….hmmmm…. I hope your work gives you more free time for your fur family…..

  2. My wife works 11 hours a day and sometimes more. I hate that companies nowadays cut back on payroll and expect the managers to do all the work on salary.

  3. Oh! So much stink-eye there ! We’re all sending love & loud purring (and cookies & catnip…& a magic wand for you)! We can’t guarantee that last item delivers for cutting back work hours or stress or crisis situations, but it’ll be worth a try. >^..^<

  4. Bwa ha ha! Sending good wishes for your continued health and safety.

    Make sure you eat well and get some rest. I read a book by a medical examiner who confirmed that yes, your dog will sit by your body faithfully forever. But your cats will pragmatically decide that meat is meat.

  5. Yikes. There’s a whole lotta stink eye going on at your house. Jen, we hope things calm down a little with work sometime soon (I know, wishful thinking, right?).


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