As Long as Animals are in Prison, It’s OK. Otherwise, Let’s Kill ’em.

One of my duties as a bitter old crone is to tell you people how fucking stupid you are. 

For instance, let me introduce you to Bruiser Bear, an inmate at the animal prison known affectionately as Single Vision, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit endangered species educational wildlife facility located in Melrose, Florida. This video of Bruiser, the ambassador who is making profit for the facility by selling tons of t-shirts, has had over 3 million hits in the month since it’s been posted.

Ironically, during the same time Bruiser the inmate bear was becoming a hit online, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to approve a week-long hunting season for black bears in the state of Florida. In other words, while Bruiser is serving life without the possibility of parole, other bears will suffer the death penalty.

But enough about bears. Let’s talk about cats. 

This is a Florida panther kitten. The photo is from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.
This is a Florida panther kitten. The photo is from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website.
This is Mowgli, a clouded leopard born in captivity last March at Tampa’s Lowry Zoo. Clouded leopards are an endangered species, and the zoo is certainly playing up this cute little endangered fella to get attention and donations. The zoo’s indoctrination into prison life included separation of the cub from his parents. This video of Mowgli at age 3 months was posted in June. As you can see, he’s already adapting well to prison life.

At the same time the internet was oohing and aahing over Mowgli, other cats in Florida weren’t faring so well. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, whose members include a rancher from south Florida, was deciding whether to reverse 30 years of conservation efforts for the Florida panther and push to remove the animal from endangered species status. It seems that the rancher in particular is upset because the panthers have dared to kill calves from her ranch, so she and her ilk started this campaign to change public sentiment by voicing concern for the welfare of pets and children. But all the ranchers want is for the panthers to be gone, so they can raise other animals in prison conditions, then execute them, to make money.

So let me get this straight: you are all for animals living in cages and being captured on video for your amusement, but when it comes to allowing them to live a life of freedom as nature intended, you feel that goes too far. At that point, it’s OK to kill them.

I take it back, you’re worse than fucking stupid. You’re downright cruel. 


26 thoughts on “As Long as Animals are in Prison, It’s OK. Otherwise, Let’s Kill ’em.

  1. isn’t that crazy? we cry when we watch “FREE” Willy but we have not one look for the whales what have to die every day…and the same for the panthers and the bears…I sometimes can’t bear what goes on on our slice earth :o(

  2. With you all the way on this. The last time we went to a zoo here in the UK, the conditions were atrocious and we wanted to let all the animals out. Shortly after our visit, and though nothing to do with us, the zoo was closed and given a complete revamp. To be honest, from what we’ve seen, it’s not much better.

  3. I know, right? People are all “Oh let’s go see the cute animals in the zoooo” but as soon as someone starts talking about preserving natural habitats they’re all “But what about the PEOPLE?????” by which the idiots mean what about the MONEY and the JOBS and the RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER WE WANT REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCES TO OTHERS.

    I’m not bitter, though. Not at all.

  4. This is very sad in so many ways.
    Someone need to get that lady some info about guardian dogs like they use on farms around here. Great Pyrenees locally work very well against cougars and other large and small predators. Bouviers also work well as gentle yet fierce and effective guardians in the field and barns.
    Shooting/eliminating predators may be easier, but not good for the environment as a whole or inter-relationships between species. Need to work with things…and spread information to those who need it
    Paw waves Rumpy – hope you are managing these warm days

  5. Residents of some communities around the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area have startled to see big felines roaming about in recent years. I’m not talking about stray tabby cats. I mean big-ass bobcats! Other places have been stalked by wolves and coyotes. All those types of animals aren’t naturally aggressive to humans. If anything, they’ll run away from someone trying to approach them, rather than attack. But developers keep pushing into once-heavily wooded areas to build homes because people don’t want to live that close the city. Then these morons get upset when a wild animal appears on their perfectly-paved streets and expect 911 responders to get there in seconds to help them out.

    Have you seen the CNN documentary “Blackfish”? It’s about these water parks that capture killer whales and train them to do all these stupid tricks, just so they can rake in millions in tourist dollars. The dorsal fins of these whales, which functions like the rudder of an airplane, almost always loses its rigidity and flops over to one side or the other.

    I also believe dog and horse racing should be outlawed. I don’t care how many rich people that pisses off. I certainly feel that horse shows should be banned. They make horses perform stunts that are unnatural to them; the same way killer whales are made to do things. I remember when Christopher Reed broke his neck in 1995 because the horse he was riding on stopped just before a jump. It’s not that I was happy Reed got so badly hurt. But I was more concerned with the welfare of the horse.

  6. I’m with you-put me in the bitter old crone category too. Personally I think all farmers and ranchers (any every other lobbyist) should not be allowed on any kind of legislative boards or commissions for this exact reason! My heavens you’d think we were still in the dark ages on conservation. Oy

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