The Joy of Non-Judgmentalism

I’ve just gotten home from a law enforcement assist. A caregiver is going to jail, and I was needed to watch a young child until a relative could come pick him up.


As we waited together in the parking lot of my office building, the little one asked me to hold him, and I did. We talked about the dark sky and the stars.  We talked about seeing and hearing the water spray onto the grass from the sprinklers. We watched a truck pass by, and he told me he likes trucks. He wasn’t clinging or scared. He just was a bright and beautiful little boy sharing a moment with me.

That little boy touched me deeply. He didn’t judge me. He didn’t care that I’d just gotten out of bed to come care for him and my hair was all kinds of kinky due to the humidity. He didn’t care that I’m old. Or fat. Or don’t believe in God. 


Compare that sweet little soul to many people I meet who seem to get their panties in a wad because I have opinions and I’m not afraid to express them. Who see me as somehow unworthy because of my age. My size. My propensity to like cats. 

As that little boy grows, will he continue to be the same non-judgmental soul he is today? Or will we older, wiser, humans teach him to hate others because their skin tone is different, or they have different sex organs?

I don’t know. I only know that today I was gifted with the opportunity to spend some time with someone I didn’t judge, and who didn’t judge me. It was an amazing experience, and if you haven’t done so lately, I highly recommend you try it. 


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29 thoughts on “The Joy of Non-Judgmentalism

  1. so wonderful…sharing…again! saw the craziest post on a self-proclaimed Christian’s page the other day…under Gore’s picture was the label SCIENTIST…under Obama’s PRESIDENTIAL…under Bruce Jenner’s WOMAN, etc. so hateful…as if the label was nowhere near what each person was? I wanted to add the posting person’s profile pic and underneath write CHRISTIAN??????? 😉 love this piece…

  2. Yes, it was an amazing experience!!! I kind of understand how you feel….because I sometimes find this ‘non judge mental soul’ when I am in foreign countries…. very touching….

  3. I hope his heart stays pure. Even for the poor conditions he came from somewhere along the line someone reinforced his thinking or at least did not try to teach him to hate. What a wonderful moment to hold on to in your job.

  4. My heart is warmed to know that you can be woken in the middle of the night to go to work and be open enough to what’s in front of you to have such joy with this young person. ❤

  5. You and the boy were there for each other at that moment in time, a tender moment which was beautifully shared. I think he too, will remember it always because it was so simple and so special. We forget what people do for a living and we forget their names, but we always remember the way someone makes us feel.
    Thank you for sharing that tender moment with us.

  6. Rumpy Dog. I am sorry to say but you are not my type of dog and I am going to not follow you any more. I am very young and do not understand you.

  7. When I was teaching, we would get records from the previous years. I refused to read them until several months had gone by. Others started out with preconceived notions that never changed. You have to give everyone a chance to make that first impression.

    1. Great point! I have to read prior investigation summaries before I go out on cases, but I try to put that aside until I’ve talked to folks about it.

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