Calling out a Killer of a Much-Loved Lion

We now know that the hunter who lured Cecil the lion away from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park using a dead animal tied to a vehicle, put a spotlight on him, shot him with a cross-bow, tracked the injured Cecil for 40 hours, then shot him with a rifle, skinned him, and cut of his head, is none other than Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer. Palmer and his guides learned Cecil had a tracking device on after he was shot and tried to destroy it.

from CNN dot com
Cecil, RIP, a beloved lion who was wearing a tracking device as a part of WildCRU’s study, and the man who murdered him (when you read the description of the incident, you can’t call it anything else). PHOTO:

We also learned Palmer is a serial killer and takes great pride in paying the big bucks to kill animals, and that he’s not above breaking the law to take a life. He paid $50,000 to kill Cecil, and has previously been sentenced to a year probation for lying about where he killed a black bear in Wisconsin.

Palmer’s response? “…I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.” (The Telegraph)

As much as the knowledge of Cecil’s murder pissed me off, it was that one sentence that pissed me off the most. He’s not sorry he killed Cecil; he’s sorry he got caught. Who the hell pays that much money to kill something? What kind of douchebag can this guy be?

Just think, Minneapolis, you helped fund the murder of a lion in Zimbabwe just by going to the dentist!
Just think, Minneapolis, you helped fund the murder of a lion in Zimbabwe simply by going to the dentist!

Well, for one, he’s also a sexist pig. Seems he settled out of court when a former receptionist sued him for sexual harassment.

And, sadly, this guy procreated.

So did Cecil, but now that Cecil is not around to protect his pride, other males will move in and will likely kill his cubs in a bid to take over. We humans, however, are more civilized, and will watch this dentist put up a GoFundMe site and raise large amounts of money from others of his kind to pay for possible legal expenses. And according to the Zimbabweans, there may be. They’ve said to the media they want to talk to this guy.

It troubles me to think that the only means we have at our disposal to deal with this kind of brutal, murderous behavior is to call it out on social media. But at least there are enough of us willing to do just that. Palmer is so scared his practice has closed, the web site taken down, and Palmer is in hiding.

Hmmmmmm….. think we could lure him out with a dead animal tied to his car?



60 thoughts on “Calling out a Killer of a Much-Loved Lion

  1. bet M.E. Cioran meant such people like Mr. Palmer as he said: Sometimes I wish I were a cannibal – less for the pleasure of eating someone than for the pleasure of vomiting him.’ I’m so sad for Cecil … no I’m nut just sad, I’m pixxed for such people like Mr. P.

  2. We’re so saddened and disgusted at this “man”. What sort of person finds it necessary to kill other creatures for “sport”? J. Kimmel is right, he is a serial killer (the bear, another lion, a rhino)! How can anyone justify spending so much money to kill? I hope his practice fails, and he’s ostracized in his community. Ugh!

  3. Imagine that money and time and his qualifications used to actually help South Africa by donating dentistry..let’s face it those that say hunting is to support the people are delusional…corruption is rife and i am sure those in need seen know of the any bullshit about them ‘helping the economy’ is like wrapping a ribbon on a turd and selling it as cake..i use my camera to shoot wildlife..

    1. There were some reports that insinuated there may have, somewhere along the way, bribes made in order to let him hunt where he was hunting.

      1. Color me suprised..disgusting and corrupt…of course the guides may be held accountable but this cretin i csn almost bet will be just fine…

      2. I’m sure he did! Murderers don’t mind that. Find him! Burn his animal heads, then put a tracking device round his neck, and our wolf pack will take care of the rest! NONE of us are wagging right now! alpha wolf

  4. I don’t want to believe that he is a dentist who helps caring humans teeth…..very annoying……RIP Cecil…..

  5. How about all of us who loved Cecil and who love animals bring a class action suit against this guy for all the pain and suffering he’s caused us. ON BEHALF OF CECIL AND CECIL’S FAMILY AND THE OTHER FAMILIES AND ANIMALS HE’S KILLED. It would be millions of people against this guy and maybe the loss of the mighty dollar would scare off other like minded CRIMINALS. I’m sickened by this asshole and … enough from me.

  6. It is disappointing to know that those random killers of good people who are going to a Bible study in their church hadn’t visited this dentist’s office instead. Deplorable. Despicable. Beyond Thunder Dome.

  7. I’m horrified, but not surprised. These trophy prize hunters have no regard for their actions. They’re too wrapped up in the moment and try to justify themselves by saying they’re “thinning out” the herd – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. But I think that hunter, a dentist in Minnesota, might be hiding now that his identity has been revealed.

    On top of that, we here in the Dallas area are dealing with the sudden and accidental death last night of a baby giraffe born recently.

  8. The guy is a douchebag but if Zimbabwe will sell licences to ‘legally’ kill endangered wildlife, this will continue to happen. The corruption there is endemic.

    1. Zimbabwe does what many African countries do- cater to the whims of rich people. But we Europeans and Americans have taught them to do that with hundreds of years of colonialism.

      1. Colonialism has a lot to answer for but in Zimbabwe’s case, the sheer length of the current government’s rule and the staggering depth of its corruption mean that any attempt at conservation is always undermined by the ruling elite.

  9. As a local Minnesotan, I can tell you that people are pissed here. We are embarrassed that someone from our state did this. There was a protest at his dentist office yesterday. I can probably guess that his practice here is over. I am sure he will be welcomed back to North Dakota, but then again, who knows.

    Given that his local PR firm has bowed out after another, bigger one, stepped in, I suspect he is getting help from people with money and who sympathize with him. I feel only sympathy for Cecil his offspring and the staff at the dentist’s office. I cannot imagine how it must feel to lose a job this way.

    The protest at the dentist’s office: (My friend Kristen made a great analogy to our American Eagle.)

    His membership has also been suspended from SCI.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with your entire post. This despicable excuse for a human deserves all the negative worldwide attention he’s getting now after his cretin activities killed a beloved creature. The fact that he hides behind the “I did everything legally” BS is even more insulting and horrifying as if those actions are justified since he paid for a chance to lure Cecil from his preserve. Paws crossed he reaps the financial ruin he justly deserves.

  11. This sickens me. Just like the vet in Texas who shot a ferrel cat with a bow and posted it on her FB page BUT there were no charges because of “lack of evidence” – when will this madness stop???? There aren’t words to describe this man and people like him. There – seriously – must be something mentally wrong with a human who looks these animals in the eyes and pulls the trigger. It makes me sick.

  12. I don’t see how any of this was legal. They led a protected lion of out a protected area. This was not just any wild animal in the jungle. They/he knew this. There needs to be consequences for his actions.

  13. I don’t think a dead animal would lure the coward out of hiding, but I imagine a live one from an endangered species would do the trick – as long as he had a weapon and back up handy.

  14. Cecil isn’t the only collared animal who has been killed by “hunters”. Echo, the Grand Canyon wolf, was also killed by a hunter who saw the chance to take the shot and ” took it”. He took the shot and, sorry, he killed the first wolf seen in that area in years. My husband is a hunter but there’s ethical hunters and unethical hunters. A ethical hunter would never take a shot without knowing what they’re shooting. The underlying problem, I think, is the lack of value that society places on life, animal or human. Then there’s the vet who shot the cat with the bow and posted on Facebook. Then you have people, justifiably upset over Cecil/Echo/Tiger, who advocate violence against Palmer/Lindsey. Are they any better than he is?

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