Killing Bears- For Humanity’s Sake #SparetheBear

UPDATE: The cubs that approached Ms. Rivkin were shot and killed yesterday by Connecticut Dept of Energy and Environmental staff (agency statement here). Now the crazies are making death threats toward DEEP and toward Ms. Rivkin, which is NOT AT ALL HELPFUL!!! Please don’t make this foolish woman a victim. Instead use your energy to teach people how to appropriately interact with bears!

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Last Friday Stephanie Rivkin went hiking in the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Connecticut, and had an encounter with two black bear cubs. She videoed the event and posted it to YouTube.


Now at least one of the bear cubs will be put to death by the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental. Well, what do you expect of a state that lumps wildlife with energy? (This is the part where you imagine me rolling my eyes.)

Anyway, back to our story. It’s not like this was the little guy’s first encounter with humans. Note the ear tags? Seems Mr. Bear broke into a home last summer and also tried to follow a woman into a building. Wildlife officials say the bear was actually sizing up Ms. Rivkin as prey, which means he’s acting boldly toward humans. For that reason, he must die to protect others.

Photos from video ( Curious? Or aggressive?…

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5 thoughts on “Killing Bears- For Humanity’s Sake #SparetheBear

  1. Typical- kill the animal.. Easy way out as usual. Man’s answer to everything.. How about keeping many of these humans out of the bears’ and other wildlifes’ neighborhoods and they won’t encroach on each other. Their families are getting smaller and smaller due to humans killing so many of their offspring and parents. What would happen if this were reversed.. Animals killing children and a parent to cut down on the humans getting into their neighborhoods. hmmmmmmm..Woof Growl…

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