Happy Labor Day!

Today is Labor Day in the US. It’s a day set aside to celebrate the American worker and how his or her work contributes to the American economy. Sadly, the meaning of the day has faded, and now most see Labor Day as the end of summer, the start of the school season, and the cut-off for those in “high society” to wear white.

To honor those who work so hard for so little, I rest on your behalf.

To learn about past struggles of American workers, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Haymarket affair, the Pullman Strike, or the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.


Today in the US, 1 out of 5 American workers earns at or below the poverty level. These are the people that are serving your lunch, stocking the shelves at the stores where you shop, and providing care for your children and your parents. Ironically, these people can’t afford many of the very services they provide.


Many (over 285,000) of our low wage workers are college graduates. The average age of the American minimum wage worker is 35.

It’s a sad state when people working for some of the biggest money-making industries in the country are struggling to get by (read one woman’s story profiled in Forbes magazine).


So while you’re out shopping the Labor Day sales, or cooking out with family and friends, take a moment to thank the American worker who made your day off possible. Many of them will be at work today. 

42 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Awesome post! Thank you so much, Rumpy for posting this. I know how hard you work. Most people don’t realize that typing isn’t easy, if you don’t have thumbs.

  2. This is a timely post to remind all of the the true meaning of Labor Day. Hope you all have a peaceful one today! Take care

  3. It’s so true that the real meaning of the holiday is disappearing. On another note, I live in Florida and I’m not ready to stop wearing my absolute favorite white sandals! :Q And you’re orange kitty looks just like my Charlie! Adorable!

  4. Great post. Hopefully those working hard on this day, that was supposed to be set aside as a respit, appreciate posts like this and those who still respect the history of the day. Even though they don’t have time to read it… Sad…

  5. My mom has always had jobs where she ends up working when the rest of the world has a day off, so we are used to it and it doesn’t bother us too much but sometimes it is hard. There are lots of hard working people that really don’t earn enough money for what they do and that is sad. Mom always tells us pets that we live better than many people, so we should appreciate it. We don’t understand but it is important for her to tell us anyway.

  6. Happy Labor Day and thank you to the workers of America.

    I attended NYU at Washington Square and had classes in the building of the Triangle Fire. After while I stopped reading the plaque that was affixed to the front of the building, I never forgot. I had a funny sensation knowing that I was in the building where so many people died. It makes one grateful.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to American workers on this Labor Day. Many are unaware of – or have forgotten – the struggles made by workers in previous generations so that we can enjoy the many benefits we have today.

  8. Happy Labor Day Rumpy! Your statistics are very sad and true. I was making poverty level income while working as a veterinary technician. And yes, sadly I still could not afford most of the services I helped other people’s pets with… even with a large discount for employees.

  9. It grieves me that anyone in a ‘civilized’ country can possibly accept anything below the poverty line as a minimum wage. I hope and pray it’ll change one day, and the sooner the better. In the meantime, it’s very important that good souls like you help to make others more aware of this problem. Thanks!

  10. Rumpy, life was much more pleasant when there were days that everyone got a holiday – everything was closed. How hard is it to not shop – not go out to eat – to stay “home” with friends of family and all celebrate. Maybe ALL deserve a bit of rest and reflection.

  11. Your post makes a very good point about equality… some are still struggling for it. PMOTH made me aware of ‘food deserts’. None of the so called progress and evolution that’s been achieved in our society is worth it if people get left behind, and there is collateral damage.

    1. Most people don’t think about food not being available with Wal-Mart being located in most every town. But when you don’t have a car, and public transportation is not available, Wal-Mart may as well be on the moon.

  12. Thank you for your post! My humanz were on holiday in the US. They saw a lot of signs of Labor Day, but they didn’t know what the history. Walking through the malls, you would think it was only about sales.

    *head bonks* Noodles

  13. Reblogged this on Rumpydog and commented:

    Today is Labor Day in the US, yet my garbage will be picked up and practically every store in town will be open. The only people who actually get the day off are white collar workers, not the average worker this day was designed to honor.

  14. Dear DeDe……I still remember her adorable doggie smile……I hope she now enjoys her new life with Sage in RB.

  15. I say thank you today to all workers and a special thanks to all dogtors ,pawlice men and people who have to work today. It’s great to see DeeDee today… I remember her saying: never leave your house with a smile…:o)

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