Death for Barking Dogs? A Social Media Dilemma!

Social media is all up-at-arms over the possible forced euthanization of two Port St Lucie, Florida, dogs that were taken into custody for barking.

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I first became aware of the plight of Princess and Duke when PR Manager Allison Gower  emailed me a link to a petition to save the dogs.

Immediately I was raging mad. What kind of evil entity is this Port St. Lucie local government anyway? Dogs being euthanized for barking?

But then I dug deeper.

While dog owner Stephanie Castro describes herself as fostering these two dogs, neither she nor anyone else seems to know who she’s fostering these dogs for.

And this is far from an isolated incident with Ms. Castro.

In August of this year, local animal control were called out when Duke and Princess were off-leash and barking at persons in the neighborhood. At that time, animal control deemed the dogs dangerous. Ms. Castro was required to put up a sign saying the dogs were dangerous, and the dogs were required to be on a leash and muzzled when outdoors.

Ms. Castro did not dispute the declaration.

Then last month neighbors called animal control back out. The problem? Ms. Castro violated the law by not having the dogs leashed and muzzled as required. The dogs were then taken into custody by animal control officers.

While Ms. Castro, the news media, and people like Gower have been effective at painting Castro and the dogs as innocent victims, they have conveniently left out key facts about the story, such as neighbors have called out  local animal control officers to Ms. Castro’s home numerous times over the past TWO YEARS for her failure to keep her dogs leashed and under control.  She has received numerous citations by local animal control officials (from Port St. Lucie government website).

Look, I’m as pro-dog as they come, but I absolutely refuse to support a woman who flagrantly violates local leash laws and puts other dogs and people at risk. It’s people like her that make things difficult for responsible dog owners like me.

So while I hope the dogs, if deemed non-aggressive, are not euthanized, I do not believe they should be returned to Ms. Castro’s care.

53 thoughts on “Death for Barking Dogs? A Social Media Dilemma!

  1. I’m with you on this one. I’m also as pro-dog as they come, but in cases like this, I can become very anti-people. Regardless of the size or breed of your dog, and regardless of its status in your home (foster or owned), you have a responsibility to give that dog as good a life as possible, and that absolutely includes making sure it doesn’t behave in a way that scares, endangers, or irritates others to the point where they’re calling animal control on you!

    For me, this means NEVER leaving my dogs unattended in the yard. (If they are out there, I am out there with them.) It means NEVER letting them off-leash unless we’re in an off-leash park. And it means NEVER allowing them to bark at people or other dogs (although I do tolerate brief barking at cats and squirrels because hey, a dog’s gotta dog).

    1. I’m very upset that the media stories are painting this woman as a victim when she is absolutely NOT a victim. She is a perpetrator and the dogs are her victims.

      1. Yes! Exactly! Those dogs are going to suffer the consequences of her actions! Let’s hope they get rehomed to some more responsible people, rather than euthanised. 😦

    1. Can you believe people are calling Port St Lucie animal control in support of this woman? They are, because they didn’t do their homework and believed the media hype.

  2. Thanks for looking into this and proving that, in fact, there are always two sides to every story. I hope all the people who are up in arms and ready to lynch the people at Animal Control will back up and learn the truth before supporting this woman who clearly has no regard for the dogs, her neighbors or the law

  3. Just to clarify multiple residents have contacted the city and inquired about this situation. And yes we were given a response along with the dates of incidents. To point out one incident is dated 7/2014 in regards to the 2 pups in question, but how is that even possible when Duke (the 6 month old hound mix) wasn’t even around not to mention born in 7/2014. So how can there be an incident with him named in it when he wasn’t even born yet?

      1. So just out of curiosity what you are saying is that it is ok to murder a dog (6 month old puppy) that was noted in a report when he wasn’t even around? Puppies like to bark and play (i.e. whether it is licking you or jumping on you to try to get attention), but there is no way a puppy can be deemed dangerous at this age. Puppies are very playful and love to bark especially when they finally learn how to bark. The owner did state in her story that there might of been one occasion that is correct. Just like if you look at the message we received from the mayor with incidents listed than why in another incident it go from 3 dogs to 2 dogs? And how and why would a ACO show a neighbor a picture of the dogs and not actually see the dogs with her own eyes. For example I have seen on numerous occasions someone claiming it was this or that dog because the dogs look alike, but in reality it was a totally different dog. In closing it shouldn’t matter what the owner has done or what she hasn’t done what matters is saving these pups from being euthanized. “Don’t blame the breed blame the deed”

        P.S. If this neighborhood is having a problem with stray dogs like neighbors claim than why hasn’t ACo went out and picked those dogs up and taken them in give them the tests that they need and get them into loving homes?

      2. So, did you read my post or did you decide that once I didn’t agree with you you’d stop. The last paragraph says I do NOT want the dogs killed, but i don’t feel Castro is a responsible owner.

  4. The 911 call with the dogs in question cornering a neighbor is 7 minutes long. the dogs are barking at him…in his garage….the entire time. this information is public, all you have to do is ask for it. Mrs. Castro was also cited in Ohio for allowing her dog(s) off leash in her neighborhood and the dog(s) were aggressive to neighbors in Ohio as well. Mrs. Castro has 4 or 5 dogs. the 7/14 offense someone here is questioning is indeed Mrs. Castro’s dogs, just not that particular puppy what it shows is a pattern of irresponsible pet ownership. and these poor dogs are now going to have to pay for it. the victims are the dogs, not Castro. The poor AC officers were just doing their job protecting the public from dogs who were not under control of their owner. they are painting some picture that the dogs were in their yard and all they were doing was barking and it was only once. those are false narratives. the record reflects otherwise, in Ohio (her previous state of residence) and in Florida.

    1. Thanks for setting the record straight. To be clear I feel Ms Castro is the perpetrator and the dogs are victims as well, but if the dogs are acting in that manner they are aggressive and should be euthanized.

  5. At times social media and the actual news media (that bends the story to say what they want to say or doesn’t check out the entire story at all but relies on social media) are a blight and a curse.
    Paw waves to you, Rumpy

      1. Some will do anything for clicks or eyeballs on their screen.
        Time people start being a little skeptical and cautious before researching.
        (Like the guy with the monkeys here in his coffee shop which bit a kid – he was all over media trying to raise money on his go fund me page – not the kid’s parents who never said one word on social media/tv. The ER doc reported the incident as he had to by law. Monkey owner was blaming authorities for putting his monkey in “jail for observation” as law demands and saying the city was putting him out of business – when actually he had terrible coffee shop products and had ended up trying to make money by running/selling tickets to his monkeys’ act shows twice a day at the place. Dude you are lucky animal rights activists weren’t protesting.It was coming.
        He’s packed up and gone – and we are all glad.
        But the media distorted the story so badly with “poor little monkey owner”.
        Sigh. Have to be so diligent these days before reacting..
        Better to go outside and walk, right Rumpy?

  6. I would hate to see dogs euthanized because of a bad owner. Why can’t the owner be penalized instead of the dogs. As far as being dangerous, how do they know if they never attacked anyone. All dogs bark, it is not a crime… or is it? When I was seven years old we had a basset hound that we were forced to get rid of by police because a neighbor complained about him barking when nobody was home. He was inside the house! How bad could it be?

    1. This is not a matter of a dog 30′ away from someone barking at him. Or even 20′. It is also not a matter of a one time event. This is a matter of irresponsible, hostile, entitled people. Who have sofas in the empty lot next to their house with the words F*UCK YOU painted on them directed at the neighbors next door. these people are not innocent or uninformed. They have assembled a mob who have made death threats against the AC employees. It is a horrible situtation. It is 7 minutes of 2 dogs cornering a man who was so afraid he called 911. Put your timer on your phone for 7 minutes and stand on one leg until the timer goes off.

  7. i was chased by two pitbulls this weekend. They broke out of their yard and came growling at me. The owners were fined for having dogs without tags and rabies shot. It cost them $250. They were not fined for the unleashed dogs. They claimed that the lawn guys left the gate open. it is time for everyone to be responsible for their animals, but euthanization is too harsh.

    1. Wow! I bet that was scary! I think if you read other comments about exactly what these dogs have done, you’ll see that perhaps euthanization is appropriate.

  8. I have always been amazed at how easy it is to wind certain members of the public up – then turn them and let them loose. Like little wind up toys but with hockey masks and attitude. This is a classic example of social media gone mad. My room mate years ago was a dog control officer she worked very hard to save dogs as well as remove the dangerous ones. I feel sorry for the AC officers who are (often) dog lovers too.. love to all rumpy! c

      1. .i would like to thank you for this article, iam one of the unfortunate neighbors of ms castro, and her story is not the truth, we, as a neighborhood have had to put up with her dogs running the street with no leash, growling and lunging at us, our children and our man was cornered in his garage for 7 minutes with 911 on the phone, another woman was chased into her own home while the two dogs smashed through her screen to try and get into her porch where her children were. we have been nothing but truthful with our sworn affidavits, and yet we have been called every horrible name you can imagine, they sit outside our homes to try to intimidate us, and we are tired of all of it. before these two dogs, she had another set that always ran the street too, they get out by digging under the fence behind her, this woman has tried everything in her power to keep them out of her yard, including putting bricks, wood and a bamboo fence up, all to no avail…and i might add, this woman is and has been battling stage 4 cancer for years, she has endured barking non stop, from all FIVE of her dogs, its’ not fair. Yet, the media has NEVER even bothered to get our side of the story, we even invited them over to let them see the yard and fence and ask us any questions, yet our requests fell on deaf ears, we all took off from our jobs on Monday, 10.26 as required to testify to our sworn affidavits, and on friday at 3pm, we were notified the hearing was cancelled. we are frustrated beyond belief, and to let you know we are all animal lovers, and also all dog owners, i have two rescues, one neighbor has three rescues, and the woman with cancer has 2 cat rescues, we are not crazy monsters who want her dogs euthanized for barking, however, they cannot be returned to her, that is non-negotiable, she doesn’t deserve them, if they could be retrained and rehomed, then that would be great, but i dont know if the city can take on that liability, as they are declared dangerous, Thank you again for printing such a fair and honest report of the plight of these two dogs,,,,sincerely, the residents of SW Kallen St Port St Lucie FL

      2. Absolutely. And I am sorry you have had to go through all this. It’s unreal how she’s garnered support for being irresponsible.

  9. Poor Princess and Duke….because their owner was Ms. Castro, they had to be taken…..but you are right…Ms Castro don’t have any right to say that she is innocent…..always poor animals have to be victim for those selfish humans…. 😦

  10. i would like to know where the evidence is that shows that of the 18, yes 18 calls to ACC in 2 years 16 of which came from the same person, Shiloh Reynolds, there is not one single photo or video of my dogs doing wrong! The dog barking in the 7 minute 911 call was not even one of my dogs! It was the stray that was later identified as Scout, missing from a few streets away! These so called neighbors are a group that have taken the word of one psychotic woman (Reynolds) and have now determined that every loose dog they see in the neighborhood belongs to me! Please review your records before you cite that I have many citations, if you had done your research you would see that the ONE citation I EVER received prior to this incident in August, was DISMISSED! I want each and every one of you to know that all statements made define my name have been documented and this blog has been reported as well. See you all in court!

      1. the person who filed the final complaint, which resulted in the confiscation of the dogs, and her arrest, was not Ms Reynolds, and hasn’t even been a resident in the neighborhood for the pas two years, the incident which declared the dogs dangerous, was also not Ms Reynolds, The sad fact is that the dogs could pay the ultimate price for an irresponsible pet owner. There are 6 affidavits filed from 6 DIFFERENT residents, who will show up and testify to their statements.

      1. I m so honored my name is now being brought into this. Absolutely am a Huge Supporter of this individual and her pets, and absolutely absolutely I am the proud owner of several dog ordinance violations in Okeechobee County from an Administration that’s has been under public scrutiny and even investigated a few years back by the FDLE:) I am quite proud to say our Sheriff’s dept in Okeechobee County has Finally removed those individuals from their position and have taken on the task of Finally making a positive difference in a county that has seen in a increase of Crimes amongst animals..I will add this several of those wonderful tickets came by stepping up to claim several dogs dumped into our neighborhood in a remote area in Okeechobee. Did I accept the ticket absolutely did it come with saving a innocent animal from the clutches of a coorupt Animal Control with a kill rate amongst one of the highest in the State absolutely. Also I will add a Okeechobee Animal Control Officer by the name of Brenda Harden was one of those people whom extended me several tickets , she was actually still working as a Okeechobee Animal Control officer when she was arrested for a Federal Crime of Social Security Fraud while collecting her dead mothers SS checks and using them for herself:). Now I see several of you have screen names I prefer not to do so as I have nothing at all to hide. Do I support this cause absolutely I do. Would you care to know why ? I doubt it as the way I see it this blog isn’t necessarily about facts but quite one sided. Clearly written on the perspective from one if the plaintiffs? As I feel quite sure most of my response will be pulled apart and put on in pieces. Now as for facts in this case, the following really leans to the fact this is simply a case of neighborhood nastiness.. First and foremost the fact in a city with streets almost a placed in a grid layout, the ONLY neighbors with any complaints come from the street behind these dogs . what about all the many homes and families next to them ? In front of them? Two streets in front of them ? Ect ect?.. I did my own investigation because honestly I feel for these animals first and foremost..and this case has a whole lot of questions unanswered? So are we to think the dogs only targeted one group of individuals?? Now how about the fact ms Castro is labeled as a bad bad dog owner neglectful I believe was one term used ..but yet she owns 5 dogs one of which is a none of those have been reported ? Hmm and what about the 911 calls which as you know are public record.. 16 from 1 person?? Hmm as I said a lot of questions need to be answered.. So back to me:) I’m pretty much an open book? Can I answer any questions? I’m a widow have been since 2004, I have 4 children and I’m a foster mom. I m a huge animal advocate always have been. Now if there is anyone with any question please direct them towards me. And I’ll point out for the individuals who possibly read this blog that arnt related to the plaintiffs in this case. The fact this blog now needs to start investigating people supporting this cause in order to ?? Actually I’m not sure the point behind it other than trying to what ?? The fact of the matter is a truthful case with truthful facts will prevail in this case I believe eventually this will end as simply a neighborhood dispute..At the end of the day I will add there is a whole lot of other animal issues such as neglect, abuse dog fighting ect that needs addressed in St Luci County!!

  11. You’re absolutely correct, the person who filed the false complaint naming MY dogs as the ones that “attacked” Her screen door was NOT Reynolds, it was her friend across the street whom has NEVER laid eyes on my dogs. Another fun fact for you ignorant people, this person who filed the FALSE complaint states that there were 3 dogs, what happened to the 3rd dog? Too hard to identify I guess right? And just so you all know, the 7 minute 911 call was pertaining to a STRAY that had a MAN cornered, my dogs were across the street in my OWN yard! Please get your facts straight & stop listening to ignorant people! A sofa in a vacant lot? Come on are you people idiots!!

      1. Woo woo ..did you just state it would be best to duke it out in court?? Than why in all due respect are you allowing YOUR BLOG to post this one sided garbage ?? Why allow someone to post dog violations on a supporter of her page..what does one have to do with the other?? To be honest I knew about your blog yet I didn’t comment.. My son is A United States Marine and I personally am damn proud of the fact we have freedom of speech BUT with that said let me say speaknit and allow the other the RIGHT to Defend themselves our Country already has far too much one sidedness.. This situation is out of control. And a little fact, just because an individual is in rescue just because theybmay foster digs..Does not mean every dog loose in a neighborhood belongs to that person. We see this far to often in the rescue world…

    1. she certainly did lay eyes on your three dogs, she described them perfectly to the authorities, your third dog, Bailey, the pitbull mix ran back across the street through the neighbors yard, and under the fence, the same way it got out, they same way they always get out. the man cornered in the garage was cornered by your dogs, and you know it, and animal control wasnt conveniently driving by when they saw your dogs, they were responding to the 911 call, this is all in the affidavits, and the court will lay it all out for the public to see. As for the sofa in your yard, i have pictures if you’d like, your yard looks like a third world country. nice….really nice…

  12. As we here at Pitbull Security Taskforce continue to do our own investigating it seems we are continuously directed to your blog numerous times for the simple fact that you are allowing individuals to post unsupportive facts. We understand how freedom of speech works and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but seeing how you allow individuals to use your blog to bash and torment other individuals is plain right disturbing. With that being said let me just state the facts and evidence that we have obtained which clearly shows this is one vendictive neighbor that has got a group of friends mind you that do not all live in the same neighborhood to make false allegations against a family which includes their four legged family members. We have seen numerous videos which it is quite clear these innocent dogs show no sign of aggression what so ever…matter of fact what they do show is two loving and affectionate dogs toward their family members. To further prove our facts being no kin and an outsider to this situation we have visited Ms Castro’s house and visited these innocent loving dogs. Mind you these dogs have never seen nor met us before and they did not show any sign of aggression or anything that would label them a dangerous dog. As far as the allegations being made about a sofa with profanity wrote on it is down right false. Let me explain why… There is no sofa first of all and if there was it would not be able to be seen by neighbors seeing that her residence is right smack next to a wooded lot. On to another fact if this family’s dogs were as vicious as these individuals have made them out to be than how come there are absolutely no complaints from any neighbors and let me emphasize this no neighbors from the street she resides on or the streets next to her residence nor the next street in front of her residence. In closing we would like to state that a vicious or aggressive dog is not going to single out one individual, therefore the indivuals that are making these false allegations need to learn how to show compassion for animals and quit making frivolous complaints. Just because these indivuals have some form of hatred toward animals does not constitute a right to treat animals this way. In the end the truth will prevail and the facts behind this case will clearly show this is just one neighbors vendetta against another.

  13. Housebeautiful?? Please that is THE funniest thing I’ve seen today! By all means please post the photos you claim to have. And FYI my Blue Nose Bailee, she’s not a mix not has she EVER been seen by any of you idiots except of course when you bitches tried to get code enforcement to come for my fence, jokes on you Bamboo is illegal as is harassment & you are all now a party to thenlawsuit so watch your back Jody! As far as SoFLAGirl, you REALLY better watch your step, we know who you are and what your profession is, better not let the big bosses catch you on social media during a work day!

  14. Justin Council Today at 9:36 am

    Good morning,

    As per our conversation, the following is the case history requested concerning the two subject dogs:

    On 7/22/14 – ACO Lisa Brown responded to a complaint of the dogs belonging to Stephanie Castro running loose. The complainant advised that the dogs had growled at her children scaring them. An Affidavit was completed by the complainant and citations were served to Stephanie Castro for her three dogs running loose and not having city pet licenses. (case #2014-14724)
    On 5/6/15 – ACO Bradley Milliken responded to a complaint of the dogs from Stephanie Castro’s residence are “out of control” and almost attacked the complainant the day prior.. complainant requested no contact from animal control. With the complainant not wanting contact ACO Milliken was unable to verify if the dogs were loose. (case #2015-09615)
    On 6/24/15 – ACO Bradley Milliken responded to a complaint of the 3 dogs belonging to Stephanie Castro were at large attacking a turtle in the complainants fenced yard the night prior. The complainant advised that the dogs had barked at her and she was afraid. Mrs. Castro admitted that her dogs had gotten loose. Mrs. Castro received a warning for her dogs being loose. (case #2015-13399)
    On 8/9/15 – ACO Lisa Brown and ACO Greg Gibbons responded to a complaint of 3 dogs have the complainant cornered, she is very scared. The dispatch screen advised the dogs live across the street at Stephanie Castro’s address and the call taker can hear the dogs barking over the phone. On ACO Browns arrival she witnessed two dogs (Princess and Duke) barking and charging at a resident. She exited her truck with her catchpole to assist and the dogs began charging at her. As ACO Brown ran at the dogs with her catch pole they changed directions ran across the street and charged after a second neighbor. ACO Brown ran over to protect this resident the dogs then crossed the street and again attacked the original victim. ACO Brown once again crossed the street in an attempt to protect the resident and to apprehend the dogs. However, as she approached the dogs they ran off into a wooded lot. ACO Brown attempted to make contact with the dogs owner, Stephanie Castro, but received no response at the door. At this time ACO Greg Gibbons and PSLPD Officer PS262 arrived on scene. ACO Brown, ACO Gibbons and PS262 began patrolling the area attempting to locate the dogs. After searching for a short time ACO Brown returned to Stephanie Castro’s residents and attempted contact again. This time MR Jose Castro answered the door. ACO Brown advised Mr. Jose Castro he needed to immediately assist in the search for his dogs. While searching the neighborhood for the dogs ACO Brown witnessed Stephanie Castro pulling into her driveway. ACO Brown advised MRS. Castro of the incidents involving her dogs, which Mrs. Castro denied. ACO Brown requested, from Mrs. Castro, that someone check to see if the dogs were back inside the house. A young female went into the house and advised that the dogs were back inside (During the investigation in to the most recent incident Mrs. Castro revealed that the dogs had access in and out of the house through a dog door). Witness affidavits were supplied to each of the victims. The victims completed the affidavits were completed while ACO Brown and Gibbons were on scene. ACO Brown had Mrs. Castro bring her dogs out for a positive identification. Officer Brown and the victim positively identified Mrs. Castro’s dogs as the violating animals. Citations were issued for dogs at large and no city license second offense. ACO Brown advised Stephanie Castro that she was initiating a dangerous dog investigation for the witnessed incident. (case #2015-167730)
    On 8/23/15 – ACO Lisa Brown and ACO Greg Gibbons responded to a complaint of the two dogs, currently under dangerous dog investigation, belonging to Stephanie Castro were running loose. On their arrival the dogs were no longer loose. The complainant completed a witness affidavit and a citation for 3rd offense at large and 3rd offence no city license was written. Mrs. Castro became argumentative and began yelling obscenities so ACO ‘s called for PSLPD to assist. After issuing the citation the complainant advised she no longer wished to be involved and retracted her statement. With the witness no longer cooperative ACO Brown voided the citation. (case #2015-17805)
    On 8/23/15 – ACO Lisa Brown determined that there was enough evidence to declare the dogs, Duke and Princess, belonging to Stephanie Castro as dangerous under State Stature 767.11(a) Has aggressively bitten, attacked, or endangered or has inflicted severe injury on a human being on public or private property.

    On 8/25/15 – ACO Lisa Brown served Mrs. Stephanie Castro with an initial declaration of a dangerous dog. ACO Brown explained the procedure and the appeals process, which was also provided in writing to Mrs. Castro. Mrs. Castro expressed she understood her options and advised that she did not wish to contest the declaration. At that time a waiver of the right to contest was provided to Mrs. Castro which she signed. Mrs. Castro was then provided with the final dangerous dog declaration and was given 14 day to come into compliance with all the restrictions given. Mrs. Castro was also provided with a copy of the city ordinance and the Florida state statute 767.11, 767.12, 767.13 and 767.14. Pictures taken of the dogs for the dangerous dog file. (case #2015-17809 and supplements)
    On 8/25/15 – ACO Lisa Brown and ACO Greg Gibbons responded to a complaint of two stray dogs loose in the area that match the description of Mrs. Stephanie Castro. On their arrival the complainant advised that she did not know where the dogs live but could identify them if she was them again. The complainant was shown the pictures taken earlier in the day of Mrs. Castro’s dogs. The complainant Positively identified Mrs. Castro’s dogs as the ones she witnesses running loose and completed a witness affidavit. Citations were issued for two offenses of allowing a dangerous dog to run at large. (case #201517920)
    On 9/9/15 – ACO Lisa Brown and ACO Greg Gibbons responded to a complaint of two aggressive dogs loose. On their arrival the complainant advised that she was washing her dog in the front yard when she saw Mrs. Castro’s dogs approaching. She placed her dog inside the house and ran through the house to the back yard to ensure her children were not outside. When she opened her rear sliding door the large male dog wearing a blue collar (Duke) charged at her growling and slammed into her glass door in an attempt to get at her. The male complainant stepped out the front door and both dogs charged at him. He was able to close the door before they got to him. Both complainants completed witness affidavits while ACO’s were on scene. ACO Gibbons made contact with Stephanie Castro who claimed both of her dogs are inside the house. On further investigation a second witness was found that confirmed that Mrs. Castro’s dogs were loose.

    On 9/15/15 – ACO Brown, Supervisor Lloyd and myself met with the legal department in reference to dangerous dogs. This case was presented and was agreed that it met the criteria under State Statute 767.13(1) Attack or bite by a dangerous dog which reads: If a dog that has previously been declared attacks or bites a person or a domestic animal without provocation, the owner is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. In addition, the dangerous dog shall be immediately confiscated by an animal control authority, placed in quarantine, if necessary, for the proper length of time, or impounded and held for 10 business days after the owner is given written notification under s. 767.12, and thereafter destroyed in an expeditious and humane manner. This 10-day time period shall allow the owner to request a hearing under s. 767.12. the owner shall be responsible for payment of all boarding costs and other fees as may be required to humanely and safely keep the animal during any appeal procedure.
    On 9/16/15 – ACO Lisa Brown obtained a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. Stephanie Castro for two counts of allowing an attack or bite by a dangerous dog. The warrant was executed that afternoon and Mrs. Castro’s dogs were confiscated. Mrs. Castro refused to sign the receipt for her letter of confiscation at that time. Mrs. Castro was transported to the Saint Lucie County Jail. (case #2015-19043)
    On 9/18/15 – Mrs. Stephanie Castro came to the animal control office to sign for the confiscation letter. I explained the confiscation and her right to an appeal. I further explained that the appeal procedure is explained in the state statutes that she was provided. Mrs. Castro advised that she would be appealing and provided a letter stating such. In addition to the copies of the paperwork provided to Mrs. Castro at that time, a copy was also mailed certified to her address. The return receipt has not yet been received.

    Thank you,

    Justin R. Council
    Office of the Mayor and City Council
    City of Port St. Lucie
    121 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
    Port St Lucie Florida, 34984
    772-871-5159 – Office
    772-871-7382 – Fax


    “A City for All Ages”

  15. just wanted to update you rumpydog,,,,,we have all received our subpeonas and fully intend on being in court on april 12, 2016, for the State of Florida’s criminal case against Stephanie Castro. Contrary to what Castro claims, the state did not, and will not drop any charges against her. The criminal charges are for the dogs being off leash and not muzzled after being declared dangerous, and going after a lady in her own yard. We will let you know what the outcome of the court proceeding is, and thank you for all of your efforts.

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