Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy!

Nine years ago today I stopped to keep a furry dog from darting into the road and to help him find his way home.

Little did I know his home was with me.

Rumpy and June Buggie 2007
Rumpy and June Buggie 2007

Unlike with DeDe, ours has not been an easy relationship. His size, his high activity level, and his breed have forced me to be proactive in ensuring he does nothing to create ill will with others. Complaints about a “dangerous dog” would certainly sign his death certificate, so the woman with the cocky swagger and smart mouth has been fearful and overly-cautious when it comes to Rumpy.

Rumpy and Little Girl.
Rumpy and Little Girl 

To be sure, Rumpy has suffered from my paranoia. Yet he always forgives me for my fears and my failures. A ruffle of his fur and a cookie make all right with the world for my sweet boy.

Rumpy continues to challenge me to reach beyond my comfort zone. It’s been good for me, but definitely not a path I would have chosen for myself.

Rumpy and June Buggie 2015

As we both grow older, we come to terms with our aches and pains. June Buggie is 17 now. Rumpy was somewhere around 9 months old when we came together, so he’s close to 10. And me? Well, let’s just say she ain’t what she used to be.

I know our days together are numbered, and I remind myself of that each time he wants to stop and sniff for the twenty-eleventh time during the course of our walk.

Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy. It may be your special day, but the one who got the best gift of all was me.

60 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy!

  1. Dear Rumpy, Happy Gotcha Day!!! You
    and your family are very special to us! We are so lucky and happy to have met you! Have a lovely day with lots of cookies!!!
    love from angel kevin, kitties and mom xoxo

  2. Happy gotcha day, dear Rumpy! And to Jen, too! Life is most certainly full of challenges, but what a blessing that you can conquer them together. 🙂

    Hugs, and wishes for many more gotcha celebrations yet to come!

  3. Life has ways of putting us together with the pups we need to challemge us the most..so we learn the most..Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy and Jen…everyone forgets to say that to the ‘Mum’ too 🙂

  4. You’re absolutely right, Jen. But I look at from a different perspective. Yes, if a woman dares to get angry, her mental health is called into question. However, women do have the benefit of being able to display every other human emotion. On the other hand, anger is the only emotion men traditionally have been allowed to exhibit. But now, in this politically correct universe, men don’t even have that much. Should a man become angry – especially at a woman – he’s almost always branded a psychopath, pedophile, rapist, wife-beater, etc.

    I believe we should stop categorizing human emotions and dictating which is appropriate for each gender to manifest. Everyone has a right to feel a certain way, and as long as no one else is harmed in the process, they shouldn’t have to consult a specific set of guidelines first.

    1. I absolutely agree. Recently a trainee went with me to visit with a family and after we left, asked me if I had been afraid. I was confused why he asked me that. The trainee then explained that because the man was talking loudly and voicing his anger, he must be dangerous.

      I used this as an impromptu lesson in how to tell when someone is dangerous versus when someone is angry. If someone is voicing anger but their anger dissipates as they talk, and their body language relaxes, then that is a person that needs to get something off their chest. However, if the person continues to get louder and more vocal and their body language more tense, or if they go inside and grab a shot gun, that person is dangerous.

      I am fortunate in that I worked in prisons for several years. There I learned the art of effective communication, because if you’re going to stay in that job, you damn well better learn it. I had no weapon and often was alone, so I had to know how to talk to people and be able to read where they’re coming from. It was one of the best lessons I ever learned and it’s a damn shame no one tried to teach me that when I was a kid.

  5. Oh Rumpkin! We hope you’ve had a happy fun-filled Gotcha Day! You’re still the sweet, funny, furry boy we first met a few years ago and we love you a lot. We’re thankful Jen stopped for you that day and that she could give you a furever home. We love that photo of you where Little Girl is pinning your leg to the floor, too. Love and loud purring from all of us…RainbowCatsx11 >^..^<

  6. happy gotcha day, Rumpy. in my opinion, people who rescue animals have a special place in Heaven, and i am sure that having both Rumpy and June Buggie in your life has made living a little more special for all concerned. i have a cat who is 18 and not in the best of health, he has hung on for 3 years now, and i say a special prayer every day that he is still here. animals enrich our lives and teach us lessons that we would not otherwise learn. ❤ your blog!!

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