Bacon Linked to Cancer….. in Dogs?

In the US, there is nothing more revered than the breakfast meat known as bacon. Clever marketing has unleashed in us a love for bacon rivaled only by chocolate.

Not many foods we love more than bacon!
Not many foods we love more than bacon! Click on the photo to take you to a 10 hour video of nothing but bacon.

There are bacon cocktails and even a bacon-infused vodka.

There are bacon ice creams, and at one time Burger King offered a bacon sundae. Oh, and don’t forget chocolate covered bacon,.

Bacon seasons veggies, especially crisp salads.

Then there is the tried-and-true bacon cheeseburger, bacon-egg-and-cheese on a breakfast sandwich, and everyone’s favorite- a delicious BLT.

So despite the World Health Organization’s announcement that bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer in humans, the expectation is that Americans will either ignore the news or lash out against it. 

You can get this costume at
You can get this costume at

After all, you don’t expect me to give up food that both my dog and I love equally, do you? So a 2-ounce serving eaten daily increases my risk of colorectal cancer by almost 20%. My ancestors ate processed meat for years and they never developed cancer. No! They all died of heart disease.

Well here’s a news flash for you who either are canine or know and love one:

Processed meats are linked to cancer in dogs too (source: National Canine Cancer Foundation). 

So defy your doctor’s advice and guzzle down that Bacon Bloody Mary, or chow down on that BLT.

But leave the processed meat out of your dog’s diet. 

20 thoughts on “Bacon Linked to Cancer….. in Dogs?

  1. The only time McKinley gets bacon or processed meats is if something falls on the floor. There’s too much salt in them for her – for any dog, really. And despite the fact I like bacon I don’t eat tons of it for the same reason. If I eat much salty food in a day I will gain up to 3 pounds of water weight.

  2. Yeah, we’re one of those weird non-bacon households too (weird for America it would seem anyway.)
    An occasional BLT when out to eat but it doesn’t make it home to the poor deprived doggies.

  3. I love bacon and eat it only at a buffet or occasionally have a BLT. I doubt that the amount I eat will cause any harm. And if so, well, at least I enjoyed eating.

    I don’t bring bacon in any form including BJ treats, into my apartment so there’s little chance BJ will get any.

    1. You are a grown-up and can choose what to eat or not eat. BJ is probably like Rumpy and gives no thought to whether or not something is good for him- if it smells good, he wants to eat it.

  4. I think “processed” refers to the nitrites & nitrates used as preservatives. Where I live in California, it’s possible to buy Canadian bacon that doesn’t contain those preservatives (and comes from humanely raised pigs too). It’s expensive, and it tastes more like ham than the “streaky” bacon (English term) Americans are used to, but I prefer it because it doesn’t have much fat. I bake it in my toaster oven.

    1. Yes, the link between nitrites and cancer is not breaking news, but I’m happy to see the WHO come out and say it, because heaven knows our government won’t say anything to piss off the hog farmers.

  5. I Love bacon – especially the bacon I am currently growing in the field – But I do agree that processed foods are no good for anyone.. I give my dogs meat but sometimes i do cave in and give them the common processed dog foods. In the old days John would pour the left over bacon grease on his old dogs processed food dinner and the old dog lived to be VERY old indeed and died peacefully under his tree.. so I guess that proves nothing at all!! But yes, the dogs can’t choose so no bacon and no corn please..

  6. I don’t know why people would think that food that is bad for humans would be good for pets. They classify food as human grade and anything that falls below that is given to animals. That is stupid if you want your animals to be healthy. As far as bacon goes, it is good but not so good that I can’t do without it.

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