It’s National #BlackCatDay in the UK!

Folks across the pond are celebrating National Black Cat Day. Cats Protection started the day to highlight black cats because they feel black cats remain in shelter longer than cats of other colors.

This is Graybow, AKA Graybie Baby. Crossing his path is very unlucky because he might jump in your arms and force you to pet him.

RSPCA, on the other hand, say there are more black cats in care simply because black is the most common color for cats.

I can’t speak for what goes on in the UK, but I can say that here in the US it is believed that black cats are less desirable because we are a superstitious lot and fear them as being unlucky, even though Dr. Emily Weiss of the ASPCA studied the numbers and found that black cats and dogs are actually adopted at HIGHER rates than dogs and cats of other colors.

This is Little Girl. She’s unlucky because if you walk into the kitchen, she’ll meow at you non-stop until you either give her a treat or leave.

But hey! Don’t let a little thing like fact get in the way of a good story, right? 

26 thoughts on “It’s National #BlackCatDay in the UK!

  1. Jen thanks for the important reminder. I am an an indoor-cat only guardian, and have turned a whole stray into one, so I know it isn’t easy, but I do believe it is the right thing. It is especially important to protect dark colored cats this time of year. Halloween visitors produce unexpected results in our feline family (and canine) while stupidity and folklore may bring out cruelty in people. Thank you Jen.

      1. I bet you are correct about true cruelty; I suspect stupidity & immaturity could get sparked. You would know more, being a social worker on the frontlines of dysfunction in humanity. Thanks for easing my mind.

  2. In Japan, black cats don’t have any bad reputation, so some of my best friends have black cats who are so lovely.
    Besides, black shiba-inu dog is more popular than normal color shiba-Inu dog.
    Graybie and Little girl are adorable!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    1. As with most silly beliefs in the US, the idea that black cats bring bad luck comes from religious superstition. Fundamentalist Christians believed women who were not submissive were practitioners of witchcraft, and their cats were really demons in animal form.

    1. I know. It’s all so ridiculous. But, really rescuers? Do you HAVE to perpetuate these silly stereotypes that are PROVEN to be untrue? But then, we believe what we want to believe, and that’s not necessarily what is true.

  3. It is true that here in the UK black cats are considered to be lucky…… or they were at one time! My own idea about why they are less likely to be adopted is because most cats are indoor/outdoor cats and completely black ones are notoriously difficult to see in the dark – for obvious reasons! Austin’s white paws and tux are a boon!

    1. Yeah well you don’t have the history of fundamentalist religious hysteria that we do here in the US. How in the hell did you manage to dump such a lot on us and we turn out to be such a powerful country?

  4. Oh great, the cats don’t have enough of an attitude – wait until they find out they’re getting entire days dedicated to them. The little black one already thinks she’s queen of the house, this will decidedly go to her head.

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