It’s National Cat Day!

As if the internet wasn’t already saturated with feline cuteness, here comes National Cat Day!

I think we’re supposed to promote cat adoptions?

Or maybe we’re supposed to buy stuff.

Yeah, I’m guessing it’s the second one.

Here are just a few of the items available for cats….. or for the humans who buy for cats out of guilt. Here at Casa Rumpydog, the climber is used frequently, but not the scratcher or the tunnel.

You see, the pet industry is booming, but most of that is thanks to dog owners. If only we could make cat owners feel as compelled to buy stuff for their cats, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing for the economy?

But the problem isn’t the cats.

True, dogs eat anything, while cats are finicky. It’s hard to come up with gourmet treats for cats they’d eat twice.

And toys? PULEEZE! A cat will sneer at that catnip toy and demand the pen in your hand. Then he’ll lie on your keyboard when you try to complain about it on social media. Cats are sneaky that way.

June Buggie loves toys, but even moreso he loves to annoy the crap out of me if he thinks I'll give him a taste of whatever I'm eating.
June Buggie loves toys, but even more he loves to annoy the crap out of me if he thinks I’ll give him a taste of whatever I’m eating.

The problem is an industry that bought into the myth that the cat is the domain of the “Crazy Cat Lady,” a single white woman of a certain age whose life revolves around her kitties. They’ve even marketed cat products to that demographic. Remember World’s Best Cat Litter and it’s dud of a marketing campaign? Talk about boxing yourself in! *cue rolling of the eyes*

Personally, I think cats are the perfect pet for everyone, and the best way to celebrate cats is to talk about what I find so great about them. I’ll do so by using an analogy on everyone’s minds: last night’s Republican presidential debate.

Rumpy is like Ben Carson. He’s laid-back and easy-going. “Oh, it’s your day off and you want to sleep in? Well, OK.”

June Buggie, on the other hand, is like Ted Cruz. He changes the subject and turns the tables on you. “What? Why did I just scratch you and draw blood? Well, why didn’t you get up at the usual time this morning? Well? Well?”

What? You haven’t got your ass up yet? What have I got to do, put a damn bomb underneath this bed?

Cats are independent. They’re sleek. Curious. Funny. And they’re protective. Remember this brave kitty?

Cats don’t require trips outdoors several times per day and don’t have to be walked. For persons who work long hours, are not physically able to provide the exercise a dogs needs, or live in an area where having a dog isn’t practical, a cat is the obvious pet choice.

So while dogs still rule the money game for now, let’s do our part to remind people that cats are cool creatures, and make great companions for anybody. 

Even Donald Trump. 

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27 thoughts on “It’s National Cat Day!

  1. cats sure are cool… they are on our side without wild barking and jumping … and they are the same great friends like dogs… a purr can heal much better than a pill sometimes :o)

  2. my cat always look annoyed, but when i was home sick for three weeks, she never left my side.. i still miss her.

  3. Dear Mr. Rumpy, cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They can put my mom to shame. While dogs…the less said the better! (And I do speak with a lot of experience – one of your kind is right now making a mess of the sofa that was once ours and is now hers.)

  4. Cats ARE cool creatures. Not that we’re biased, or anything. 😉

    Happy National Cat Day, friends. We love you!

  5. Cats definitely need better PR. And if selling lots of stuff to consumers helps people take cat care more seriously, I guess I won’t scream too much about overconsumption. 🙂

    BTW, wasn’t able to see the last debate so I’m glad for the dog and cat analogy. Personally, I’d find the loooooooooonnnnnnnng election season for more tolerable with more non-human animals.

  6. I’m married but my life still revolves around my brats, I mean cats. I’m still ticked off that someone else has those stereotypical, aloof cats while I’ve got a house full of pesky varmints! I love those furry kids!

  7. I have now four cats at our house and Shiro is the first one. But I’m still struggling to deal with them as cats are very different animals from dogs, they are lovely though… by the way, Shiro lost his all teeth yesterday as he had been suffering from gum problems in his mouth. Poor Shiro….

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