Isaeli Politician Calls for Deportation of that Country’s Cats

Looks like cat lovers are the same, no matter what part of the world they live in.

Recently, Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel proposed to rid Israel of its’ stray cats by kicking them out of the country.

Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel hates cat. SOURCE: @saruriariel
Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel hates cat. SOURCE: @saruriariel
You see, Ariel feels TNR is not Biblical, because it prevents cats from following God’s laws to “be fruitful and multiply.” So he decided instead that Israel should dump the cats who have already followed God’s edict elsewhere. The plan is to have all cats of one gender placed in sanctuary in some other country.

But cat lovers are fighting back with a vengeance. 

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni posted this photo to Twitter:

SOURCE: @Tzipi_Livni
Left-wing Meretz party leader Zahava Gal-On has called for deportation of the hardliner Ariel instead of the cats.

And security officials had to step up Ariel’s security detail after threats were made against his life. You think one of those threats came from these guys?

So far no country has volunteered to take on Isreal’s cats. Maybe because they have cat problems of their own?

Sorry Uri. Looks like God isn’t going to let you dump this problem on somebody else; you gotta deal with it yourself. 

32 thoughts on “Isaeli Politician Calls for Deportation of that Country’s Cats

  1. Hmmm … I have to wonder if Uri Ariel ever did that ‘arithmetic’ in which he worked out — with pencil and paper — how many kittens one unspayed female and one unneutered male could produce in six months. The numbers would *astound* him.

    Nor does Uri know what happens when intact male cats fight, or what an intact female in heat sounds like. I hope he can live with that kind of blood on his hands and bad karma for eternity.

    I am Jewish. Uri does NOT speak for me. All of my cats are spayed and neutered. And their veterinarian is Jewish! So there!

    I’d better stop myself now before I cause an international incident, if I haven’t already… 😉

    1. Oh, there are plenty of Israelis who are upset about this! But then, he is a politician and my philosophy is, despite the country they lead, most politicians are idiots.

  2. Mrrp? We have dirty litterbox offerings prepared for Uri Ariel. Do you know where we can send them?

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