Red Cup Controversy: Newsworthy, or a Media-Driven Story?

So Starbucks is celebrating the holidays by changing their cups to red because they hate Jesus.

red cup

Oh, how these non-news news stories make me tired.

Why do media outlets keep reporting this nonsense as news?

There is so much more going on the world.

Like in Missouri, where the University of Missouri president and chancellor resigned yesterday. Black students’ complaints of racism had been largely ignored by administrations until the football team, the moneymaker of the university system, joined the protests by refusing to play until the students’ complaints were heard. Next thing you know, two white guys are unemployed.

The next Republican debate takes place tonight. This time it’s their favorite news media outlet, Fox, running the show. Let’s hope they’ll finally be happy with the event. I know I’ll be watching. Politicians are entertaining to me.

And at the White House, Netanyahu and Obama meet. I’m betting it’s so cold in that room they had to crank the heat up!

But we are not so interested in those important news stories. We want to know if Jennifer Lawrence washes her hands after using the bathroom. If Jeb Bush would kill baby Hitler if he had the chance. And we want to know the latest antics of those crazy religious zealots who are convinced Starbucks hates Jesus.

Ah, the media! So many options to choose from. Pretty much the same crap coming from all of them. PHOTO SOURCE:
Ah, the media! So many options to choose from. Pretty much the same crap coming from all of them. PHOTO SOURCE:

The good news for Starbucks is their target customer isn’t a religious fundamentalist, so they’ll probably benefit from all this nonsense. The media will draw irate readers on both sides of the issue. And that pastor who started all this is probably getting lots of donations for his church while he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame.

It’s only people like me wondering why this story is wasting my head space. 

17 thoughts on “Red Cup Controversy: Newsworthy, or a Media-Driven Story?

    1. This started with one fruitcake pastor (probably a lay pastor), but the reality is that we go through this every freaking year at Xmas. And my Mom, a devout Christian, always used the term Xmas.

      What this does is give Starbucks tons of publicity and it makes Christians look nuts. To give the devil his due, some of them do strike me as certifiable, but most of them think this is crazy and that if this is the biggest problem for a Christian that they REALLY need to find Jesus.

      I accept (and offer) Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukah (when they dovetail), Happy Holidays, and Season’s Greetings (among others).

      In a world where people and animals starve to death and are abused there is so much more we need to address.

      I don’t even like Starbucks and I’m probably going to go down and buy some tea there just to support the corporation. Nah, I will probably find a dog rescue and PayPal $5 (the cost of a purchase at Starbucks) to them. Because it will do some good that way.

      Now a political candidate (Trump) is recommending a boycott of red cup land and I want to scream and tear my hair out. Because we have real problems in the world.

      Let’s just give Rumpy a good noggin rub and break into song: Red solo cup I fill you up, Let’s have a party let’s have a party, I love you red solo cup I lift you up, Proceed to party proceed to party…” (maybe they should use red solo cups)

      1. I can honestly say that I’ve never gone to Starbucks because I cared about what the cup looked like. I go to hang out in comfortable place where I can just chill with other people who are there just to chill. If some folks don’t want to come because of the cup design, it’s fine with me. Just gives me more space to chill in.

  1. Hi Y’all!

    I’m just a pawed one, but I don’t get how you extrapolate from a red holiday cup to hating Jesus? Maybe I’m missing something, since they don’t allow dogs in Starbucks. I thought red was a “Christmas celebration” color.

    Definitely not newsworthy!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. This has been an issue for me for a long time now. I call it boxers or briefs journalism. By keeping the news irrelevant, the media actually prevents us from thinking about the things that matter. By asking would-be candidates what type of underwear they prefer, they keep us from voting on issues. As a result, we get generation after generation of mediocre leadership. The 5 major corporations who control American media can continue to sell us toxic food, and we all remain fat, complacent sheep. So we’re fighting over Christmas cups, and we don’t have time to notice that poor people and animals are suffering and dying every day.

    This is why the Blogosphere is so crucial. Here, we all are independent journalists, authors, film makers and teachers. If something is important to you, here is where you can bring it the attention it deserves. Let the masses agonize over who’s cheating on Kim Kardashian this week. The smart people, the clued-in people, the people who are going to effect real and profound change, are the bloggers.

    1. I skim over numerous news outlets each day trying to figure out what the hell is really going on simply because that’s how you get the whole story. When I get a chance I watch NewsHour or listen to NPR, but time is not on my side these days. And i could care less who or what Kim Kardashian does; actually, I still haven’t figured out why she’s even a thing.

  3. Yes, I don’t get it either. What’s the story? The color of some coffee cups! Really? This reminds me a few years back, when a Texas state legislator wanted to enact a bill to ban sexy or provocative cheerleader uniforms. And the rest of us were thinking things like: ‘When did they solve the education funding crisis?’ ‘Have all the children in the state of Texas finally get health insurance?’

    Some news days are too damn slow.

    1. Well that HAD to be during an election year because that’s the kind of story that will get you TONS of free media attention…. any excuse to flash pretty girls on the tube works for the news media.

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