I Said I’d Post Every Day and……

It took me awhile, but I am posting today!

You see, I had to take my car in to be serviced this morning. I’d planned to write a blog post while I waited, but I met Mrs. Clause in the lobby and ended up talking with her instead of writing a blog post. No, I am NOT making this up!

Then I went to the grocery store. There I ended up buying some stuff for chili. Yum!

Once I was home, I had to get the chili cooking. And of course I had to contend with the youngsters asking what I’d brought home for them.

You better have brought me something lady.
Is there something in there for me?

Eventually I got a few moments to sit in front of the computer, where I threw this post together.

But hey, better late than never.


7 thoughts on “I Said I’d Post Every Day and……

  1. Hi Rumpy, Jen and June Buggie! Long time no see! I see you’re doing a daily post like I am. Not easy to write something every day, is it? Love those cute expectant faces. I get the same thing when I bring groceries back and Kobie and Daisy gather around in hopes of treats.

    So how was your chat with Mrs. Claus? Sounds like the good basis for another blog post. All the best with your posting.

  2. Babies have to come first. Just look at those precious little eyes filled with wonder and excitement. I hope you got them something special. Those faces just melt my heart.

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