We Are All Under Attack

Another terrorist attack.

People are dead in Egypt. Lebanon. Iraq. And now Paris.

The Bataclan Theater- Paris. Over 100 people were killed for wanting to have some fun at a music concert. PHOTO SOURCE: bataclan.fr

People are afraid all over the world. I am afraid. Where and when will the next attack occur?

Rationally there’s no reason a terrorist would target me. I’m a nobody. Killing me would not make sense.

But terrorism is so insidious because it doesn’t make sense. Terrorists target people on vacation. Out for the evening. Shopping for food for their family.

The Eagles of Death Metal were playing the Bataclan on the night of the attack.
The Eagles of Death Metal were playing the Bataclan on the night of the attack.

I know today there are many who are calling to fight back, to wage war, to kill the enemy. Others are calling for world peace.

Not here please. This is a place to sit with the hurt felt for those who have suffered and lost.

This is a place to feel the fear.

16 thoughts on “We Are All Under Attack

    1. I think it’s important to remember that fear and hurt are normal human responses, and that it’s OK to sit with them. Those who deny their feelings and rush forward to exact revenge that frighten me.

    1. This is yet another reason why women should be running things around the world. If the day were ever to come when we took the reins and told the men to sit down and shut up, we MIGHT begin to see some peace around here.

  1. I really can’t believe France has fallen victim to two major terrorist attacks within a year. The first was essentially an attack on free speech. Now, it’s an attack on average, unarmed civilians. If ISIS (or whoever is responsible) thinks they’re going to change the world’s opinion, or achieve some kind of global domination with these antics, they’ll find themselves on the wrong end of a gun or a bomb. Terrorism NEVER accomplishes anything positive. It just creates more victims and animosity.

  2. Very sad….very sad…..why always people fight each other………because of religions? because of where you are born? Very sacry……

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