We Value Your Opinon. Please Complete Our Survey.

Seems like I’m always being asked to complete a survey. 

giphy (1)

Go to a website? I’m asked to complete a survey.

Buy a burger? There’s a number to call to complete a survey and in return get free food during my next visit.

Call a business? I’m asked to hang on after the call ends to complete a survey.

Last week I tweeted about the poor service at the local Panera Bread. Within 24 hours I had an email in my inbox asking me to complete a survey about my most recent experience at their restaurant.

I’m even sent surveys at work! They’re supposedly an anonymous outlet for me to say what I think.

At first, I loved the idea.

After being ignored by the business world for much of my life, someone finally cares what I think. And boy, did I share my thoughts, too.

But now I am tired of surveys. 

I no longer think those asking truly care about my opinion. I think they simply want to spy on me.

I completed the surveys for a chance to win those $1000 gift cards, but never won. I don’t think anyone actually won.

I completed the free food surveys, but never got around to cashing them in.

And after completing survey after survey at work and seeing nothing change, I quit completing their surveys. Then I started getting email reminders that I’d not yet completed the survey. WTF????? So much for anonymity!

Well, this is one monkey that is no longer going to play the silly survey game. In fact, this is what I think of all these damn surveys.



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19 thoughts on “We Value Your Opinon. Please Complete Our Survey.

  1. I’ve won earphone for i-phone that way. I said, I have no I-phone and so I also “won” a 5-euro voucher I can use to buy an i-phone… too much “coincidences” I think :o)

  2. I won a timeshare in a competition I’d never entered. To claim my prize, I had to send a cheque for £1200. I’ve had four survey requests come in my email this week, plus a reminder that I hadn’t completed one on our car service. Did a post myself on this subject a little while ago and agree, so much for being anonymous!

  3. Every six months or so, I get a survey from Australia Post. One of the questions is “Would you recommend this service to family and friends?” My response is always. “Well, if they want to send a letter, yes, Because there is no alternative”. We have ONE mail delivery service….

  4. Well, *somebody* does win, but it’s clear that the really “winners” are the companies gathering all that info. 😦

  5. Please take a moment to rate this comment (you will be eligible to win a free iPhone):

    1. How many times have you read a comment from me in the last month
    A) once
    B) twice
    C) three times
    D) four times
    E) five or more times

    2. How would you rate my comments
    A) much less interesting than other comments
    B) less interesting than other comments
    C) about as interesting as other comments
    D) more interesting than other comments
    E) much more interesting than other comments

    3. I know that you have many comment reading choices available. Why did you read this comment?
    A) I had nothing better to do
    B) I always read cb’s comments because they are so witty
    C) I was forced a gun point to read this comment
    D) I want to win a new iPhone
    E) other Please explain _________________________

    Now please standby for a short survey regarding this comment.

  6. Most of the time I think surveys are ways to illicit more personal data from us for companies to tweak their marketing schtick. I found once I completed a survey, I’d get loads more emails and survey offers. It’s the proverbial merry-go-round. Until we stop ‘offering’ to share data, companies will continue to try to get into our computers and wallets with all sorts of maneuvers.

  7. I always ignore any surveys….I sometimes think that I should do it though….now, I am sure that I never do those surveys! Thanks for your post!

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