Yet Another ASPCA Animal Rescue Effort Underway in FL

It’s happened again. 

This time the ASPCA and Texas Humane Heroes worked with Hendry County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office, Clewiston Animal Control and the Humane Society of Broward County to rescue over 100 dogs from an unlicensed puppy mill in central Florida.

Here’s a local media story about the rescue effort.


Beatriz Perez and Alexei Fernandez were breeding dogs, including poodles and huskies, to sell to Miami pet stores. They’ve each been charged with several counts of animal cruelty.

Florida is a magnet for animal cruelty, and there’s often little desire to do anything about the crime because the penalties for animal cruelty are paltry and there’s nothing to stop the abusers from setting up shop all over again.

Photo from ASPCA donation page

Meanwhile an operation like this takes people, and lots of them. Food, shelter, and vet care is required for each rescued animal, and then there’s the finding of homes for these dogs who spent their entire lives in cages as breeders and for the pups that were rescued before they were sold.

You can donate to the ASPCA and help fund this rescue effort using this link.

But please do more than open your wallet. Write your elected officials and ask them to support legislation to end all forms of animal cruelty where you live, especially if you live in Florida.  

puppy mill
photo posted on Twitter by @ASPCA


11 thoughts on “Yet Another ASPCA Animal Rescue Effort Underway in FL

    1. Right, Charles. Otherwise we just keep rescuing over and over again while the perpetrators are free to move one county over, set up shop and do it all over again.

    1. But after living in those conditions for years, it will take lots of work to help those dogs, and the guilty will pay a mere pittance, then do it again to other dogs.

  1. Beatriz Perez and Alexei Fernandez….they should learn how precious animal’s life is…….dogs are not human’s toys……

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