The Importance of Using the Right Language

For those of us who want to help improve the plight of animals, we know that sometimes our language is used against us. 

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For example, when we write letters or sign petitions, we are poo-poo’ed off as “nutjobs” and violating the rights of others who are simply exercising their legal right to….. well, to abuse animals.

And those of us in the know are aware that each newspaper editor and elected official keeps a file where they store letters received from “the crazies.” Language matters, folks, and threatening to harm others or yourself if you don’t get your way will guarantee your writings will find their way into that “crazies” file.

But there IS a language we can use that everyone around the world understands- the language of money. When we collectively withheld our money from SeaWorld, they phased out their orcas from ONE park. But we will not be undaunted and will keep working to ensure ALL their parks are eventually a thing of the past.

But what about me? I don’t live hear a theme park that exploits animals? What can I do?

Funny you should ask. You see, the Landry’s Inc. company owns restaurants and casinos across the country, including the Landry’s Seafood and Bubba Gump Seafood restaurant chains.

Landry’s also owns aquariums in Houston and Colorado where they keep tigers for the amusement of their customers. This tiger lives in this small concrete cage in Houston.

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When Texas House of Representatives member Carol Alvarado’s office was contacted about the tigers’ plight, her staffer said this was perfectly legal.

It’s also perfectly legal for you to refuse to do business with a corporation that treats animals like this. Simply click here to find a list of businesses that Landry’s owns, and stay away from them. You can do that, right?

You can also write your elected officials and tell them you want them to support bills that end the abuse of big cats and other animals locally and across the country, ESPECIALLY the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 3546).

And you can call Landry’s Inc. at 713-850-1010 and ask for President and CEO Tilman J. Fertitta. But if you do that, make sure you know what you’re going to say before you call, and sound like a rational human being, not a nutjob. Remember, they most certainly record conversations and will have your number on caller ID. 

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Language, when used in the right way, is powerful, so flex your muscles today and do something good for those who cannot do for themselves. 

10 thoughts on “The Importance of Using the Right Language

  1. I’ve avoided Bubba Gump restaurants because they were related to a bad movie. I’m happy to have a good reason to stay away.

    Now if only we could convince people that there’s nothing entertaining about seeing a neurotic tiger in a tiny cage.

    And yes, money talks. It’s why lemon laws have been a helpful tool against puppy mills as well.

  2. It really is appalling how many businesses are inbred with many others. Thanks for this list! I would never have known…three restaurants are in our area. We don’t eat there anyway, but now I’ll write polite letters explaining why they don’t have our patronage.

    As for that white tiger living in such a sad and sterile environment, that’s just totally depressing for her and for me! There’s absolutely no enrichment visible and the floor even looks polished! Tigers love water and I’m betting there’s no pool available either. And what’s a tiger doing in an “aquarium” anyway?

    And then, there’s Tony the Siberian tiger at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. He’s been there, alone and breathing exhaust fumes, for 15 years now. The Animal Legal Defense Fund constantly advocates for his release to an animal sanctuary. It hasn’t happened yet thanks to the Louisiana Legislature. It would be lovely to know that one day he’ll get to feel grass beneath his feet. Someday. Some way…

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