Cats Steal the Show at All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration!

Last night I watched the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration .

If you went shopping last night, you missed a wonderful family-friendly celebration of dog rescue.

May I just say that the people that put this show together are genius?

It may not look it here, but Paula Abdul was obviously smitten with this little guy.

In addition to showcasing dogs in rescue that are in need of homes, they hit on every rescue-related topic- from the importance of spay/neuter to the cost of rescuing to the need for foster families for dogs in rescue. And Kaley Cuoco was simply perfect as host….. but how did she keep from accumulating dog hair on that white suit she was wearing? That was certainly a missed marketing opportunity for some company.

I laughed at the dogs riding in the tractor train, and cried when we learned about why we need a non-profit like Dogs on Deployment, but the funniest moment of the night was not about dogs at all.

It was about cats.

Temptations cat treats has the most amazing marketing people who found a way to steal my attention away from major dog cuteness and get me thinking about cats.

See for yourself.

I’m still laughing!

If you were one of those who filled the malls last night looking for a bargain, you can still watch the show online. But be prepared with tissues and adoption fees, because you’re going to want to adopt one of those dogs!

9 thoughts on “Cats Steal the Show at All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration!

  1. Love the doggie train. That was terrific. And the cats in all those costumes was great too. The cats here certainly would not have allowed all that. You all have a great day and all we can hope that the dogs and kitties all find homes.

    1. I’m thinking cats are plotting their revenge as we speak. I’ve heard rumors they’re thinking of sneaking in Santa’s pack and clawing all the wrapping paper on the Christmas presents.

  2. Ahaha!!! Saw a shorter version of that commercial a few days ago and could not stop laughing! The faces on those poor cats…priceless. Great commercial…will even admit to rewinding and rewatching it :o)

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