And I Made My Goal! Woo Hoo!

My goal was one blog post per day for the month of November, and I made it! Big Happy Dance!!!!!


The rationale behind my goal was to get my blog back on track by setting aside time each day for thinking and writing about what interests me in a way that will also interest you.

I’ve also worked to reconnect with you, the reader. I’ve done a better job of responding to your comments. I’ve focused on my Twitter and Google+ presence. I’ve also spent some effort on Facebook, but, let’s face it, Facebook doesn’t allow those of us with pages to truly connect with our audience.

But what has actually happened in the process is I’ve reconnected with myself. Blogging keeps me sane. It allows me to work through things. It reminds me that what’s going on in my world now is not the only thing happening in the world. It shows me that no matter what’s happened to me, I’m not the only one.

Not sure yet where I’ll go from here, but I am going to keep writing. Here’s hoping you keep reading.



30 thoughts on “And I Made My Goal! Woo Hoo!

  1. Con-cat-ulations! Most of us may only be virtual profile images and usernames, but we’re still extended family. Whenever I’ve been away, I’ve missed everyone. Glad you’ll be writing regularly again, and happy about it.

  2. Sorry I haven’t been able to read everything this month (my bad not yours) but I did notice the increase in posts on Facebook. You are always so thoughtful and thought-provoking in your posts. Well done on reaching your goal. Just one thing – it is still way too early for Christmas Carols. Hugs and best wishes to you and yours x.

    1. Life happens, right? This was a personal thing for me, so I’m feeling really good about meeting this goal. I needed to feel good about having accomplished something. It will help me accomplish a bigger task that I need to get done.

  3. good on ya; I’ve been off for over year; husband sick and then died. He was the best; I’m just grateful we had each other for that long; it was very healing for me. I have to get back; I’m out of touch technologically, best

  4. Good for you on meeting your goal. I usually try to write a post every day in November but I can barely find wifi in the wilds of Virginia lately.

    I also find that regular blogging gives me a lift. I’m glad it helped you reconnect with your true you.

  5. Woohoo!!!! Congratulations Jen and Rumpy! I know that blogging everyday must be very hard but you made it!
    Besides it sounds like you now enjoy writing it, so I’m very glad you have fun!
    Thank you very much for posting one blog par day! Sometimes the contents are a little complicated to me to understand because of my poor English but I always try to know what you want to say. Of course we love to keep reading your posts!!! 🙂

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