The Best Part of My Day

Walking with Rumpy these past few days has been fun. The air is crisp and cool, and the Rumpster is filled with energy and excitement.

A rare moment when the Rumpster stood still; it’s because there’s discarded food nearby.

Our walks are interesting. I am the one in charge. But I give Rumpy plenty of freedom.

I set boundaries, such as no walking up in people’s yards and no peeing on tires or trashcans; otherwise, he decides the route we take.

He stops frequently to sniff things, but I don’t want him eating anything he finds.

One of the streets we walk down.

It’s not how the experts tell us how we’re supposed to do things. We are supposed to be in control, and we’re supposed to train our dogs to always do our bidding.

But that’s not a thing with this breed. Malamutes are bred for survival, and sometimes that means ignoring a command in order to save a life.

*sniff sniff sniff*

After a walk, Rumpy expects a cookie, then it’s time for a nice morning nap.

Do you mind? I’m really tired now.

It really is the best part of my day.

13 thoughts on “The Best Part of My Day

  1. Rumpy couldn’t take a bad picture if he tried. Between the blog and facebook, he always is smiling and happy looking and just gorgeous! So glad you don’t overmanage him. I have cats. Much as I enjoy them, I can’t take them for a walk.

      1. Wouldn’t work with mine either. Morgan is the only one that wouldn’t be scared of an approaching person or dog and she would in insane on a harness.

  2. We try to have our walks mean exercise for us and the dogs, but we let them stop and sniff as they wish. It’s more of an interval walk, I guess. What’s the point in walking them if it’s not fun for them?

  3. I miss walking with a dog after Kevin has gone…..then I was thinking to take my cat for a walk with a harness but after reading what happened to you with June Buggie, I gave up……

  4. Malamutes are different, all right. Took a while to get used to that. Molly and I have almost the same “walk agreements”. We’re pack – as in closely related to wolf. Molly gets to run wild with friends in a fenced field once of twice a week as I can’t keep up with her and she needs to run. Walks are for seeing the world, greeting friends, and not marching military style. (But darn she will sneak and gobble up stuff if I don’t keep a close eye on her…gotta be the wolf and survival instinct)
    Rumpy does have that movie dog look down!
    (Oh, can you show the harness arrangement you have there?…always looking for an improvement….Molly was brutally choked as a young dog and can’t have any thing tug her neck. Collar is just for identification. We’ve got a easy walker harness, but wish there was something better so she didn’t keep hitting the lead with her leg)

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