So No, My Job Didn’t Make glassdoor’s “Best Of” List

Recently glassdoor released its list of best places to work for 2016. Surprisingly, my employer did not make the list.


So I did a search of my employer on the glassdoor website just to see what current and former employers are saying about them: 

Not everything is an emergency and remember what it was like when you had to take time away from your family and how that felt.- former employee 

We nicknamed our mandatory meeting as mandatory beatings. Usually these meetings are telling what new things you’ll to do because somebody screwed up. We were undermanned and overworked.  -former employee 

Stressful environment with the lack of support from your superiors.   –current employee 

Low pay, long hours, the direct managers of local offices have little to no leadership training so they do not run the offices very effectively. They burn you out quickly and try to get as much as they can out of you quickly -former employee

upper management sucks –current employee

Somehow I don’t feel so all alone anymore. 

11 thoughts on “So No, My Job Didn’t Make glassdoor’s “Best Of” List

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