Animal Cruelty is Finally Getting the Attention it Deserves

I am pleased to report that starting in 2016 the FBI will begin tracking cases of animal cruelty. The four categories of cases to be tracked include neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse (dogfighting, cockfighting), and animal sexual abuse.

This is huge! 

FBI logo from their Twitter account @FBI

Despite mental health professionals having said for years that animal cruelty is an indicator of other forms of violent behavior, there has been no way to track these criminals.

This is going to be a major help in cracking down on animal hoarding. In most states animal hoarding is rarely prosecuted, and when it is, the hoarder usually picks up and moves on to different area and sets up shop all over again. Now local law enforcement will be able to track these repeat offenders with the help of the FBI.

Those who raise animals to fight will also be tracked, so these roving dog fighting rings can’t easily hide any longer.

This FBI K-9 agent is on the job! Photo from the FBI website.

As for those that are cruel to animals today? The FBI will be watching you, because we know it’s only a matter of time before you move on to other violent crimes such as rape or murder.

And because tracking these crimes will give them a higher profile, local and state governments will be encouraged to pass tougher laws against those who inflict cruelty onto animals.

It’s good news, people, and way overdue. 

18 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty is Finally Getting the Attention it Deserves

  1. It is about time! This should happen all over the world… hope there will be some deep investigation all around the abuse and use of animals, from pet in the houses to lab and zoos, without forgetting the slaughterhouses (since isn’t possible to catch people attention in becoming vegan/vegetarian).
    But I’m afraid that in the South of the globe, is going to be a great battle between archaic customs and ignorance. Too many animals suffer because of us humans… and this need to came to a stop once and for all.
    Thank for sharing the good news (a little beginning…) :-)claudine

  2. This is a great news to hear!!!! All lives are equally very precious. It doesn’t matter if it is a human or a animal. We need strict laws and punishments for those who harm innocent lives.

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