Four more days until….

Oh Dog! Today for Christmas I’m sharing a song I wrote several years ago. It’s sung to the tune of White Christmas, written by Irving Berlin.


I’m dreaming of a snow-covered landscape
Just like past winters don’t ya know,
when it didn’t stop snowing,
No grass was showing,
The ground was frozen to the core.

I’m dreaming of rolling in snowbanks
and licking ice from off the deck.
Oh to run and play and frolic
On a day that’s not hotter than heck!

Ah, the good ole’ days!

23 thoughts on “Four more days until….

  1. You look great on the snow Rumpy! Your season is there!!! It has been warm wintere here in Japan….we might not have snow this year…..
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!
    P.S Thank you very much for your lovely Christmas Card! Two DeDe are on the card! I miss her gorgeous smile….

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