June Buggie and Rumpy Won Christmas!

Despite there being a rumor to the contrary, looks like June Buggie and Rumpy made the “Nice” list yet again.


Are you kidding me? Even the dog made the list?


I sure did, June Buggie! Santa brought me this cool red harness! Don’t I look good!


Oh yeah? Well I got lots of yummy treats and this cool wand toy that Jen will grow tired of long before I will. MEOW!


Oh yeah? Well I got Greenies and a new Pound Puppy friend so I don’t hafta hang with you anymore! Pfffffttttt!!!!


Lucky for both of them, placement on the “Nice” list cannot be rescinded.

Happy Christmas everyone!


39 thoughts on “June Buggie and Rumpy Won Christmas!

  1. I knew it! I knew that you’ve been very good this year, too! Congratulations for those cool harness, greenies, toys and treats from Mr Santa! Happy Merry Christmas!!! 🎄🐱🐶😊❤️

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