What Was Once Considered Lawlessness is Now Called Patriotism

In 2001, Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven Hammond set a fire that burned 130 acres to cover up their poaching activities. They were convicted by a jury of their peers and sentenced to 5 years in prison. They are to report to prison today.

Dwight Hammond
Dwight Hammond Jr (photo by Les Zaitz/ The Oregonian)

Yesterday a bunch of “patriots” got out their guns and gathered in Harney County, Oregon, to protest what they call false imprisonment of two ranchers who refused to sell their land. They did this despite the Hammonds’ stating they have no desire to fight the prison sentence, and locals meeting with the militia on New Years Day to voice their fear of what the militia has planned.

Armed participants at Friday’s meeting (photo by Les Zaitz/ The Oregonian)

After the protest, a group of armed protesters went to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and took over an unoccupied building. The group, which includes Ammon Bundy, son of Clive Bundy (remember him?), refuse to leave.

Ammon Bundy
Ammon Bundy at the protest Sunday.  (photo by Les Zaitz/ The Oregonian)

So let me get this straight.

One 12-year-old black kid with a toy gun in a park can be gunned down within seconds of law enforcement arriving on the scene, but a group of heavily armed white dudes who call themselves a militia can take over a federal animal sanctuary and what happens?

white terrorism
This is the face of terrorism in America today (photo by Les Zaitz/ The Oregonian).

Apparently nothing. 



14 thoughts on “What Was Once Considered Lawlessness is Now Called Patriotism

  1. I do not condone this one bit but take issue with the “toy” gun characterization. Toy guns look real these days(and 60 years ago when boys played with them). How would any cops be able to tell that ? Why would anyone continue to stress the word “toy” except to evoke racial tensions and anti police sentiment ? If it did turn out to be a real gun and people were killed or wounded the police would be crucified for not protecting citizens.

    1. It’s not the fault of a 12-year-old that we allow manufacturers to sell real-looking guns to children. And I still think the police should have at least engaged the child before killing him.

    2. And one of the major problems in the Tamir Rice case was that the original 911 caller stated that they believed the gun was a toy. But the 911 operator did not convey that information to the police.

      So yes, it is relevant because it’s one other mistake that led to this tragic result.

  2. We were asking these same questions just this morning. Thanks for your straight-to-the-point and on-the-mark post!

  3. You said it! Pop and TW were discussing this last night and why we don’t bring bring in the National Guard like they did in Baltimore or Ferguson. If they let them stay, they’re giving other like-minded terrorists the OK to do the same. In the 60’s we were called radicals and communists when we took over buildings; now they call themselves Patriots.

  4. That there has been no National Guard called to action, that it is not in our local papers, that these white red neck terrorists are able to occupy this land and ntohing done is a crime, but it also allows people to see, if they would like to have their eyes open, that what is being said in the news is not really the news, it is what certain groups with power would like you to know or believe or see.

    I want to see our government take action, or the people, these people are not my people. I hae nothing in common with what they believe. It is just a coincidence that we share the same air, water, and earth.

    I consider them terrorists, just like any other group. These guys just happen to be milk fat and white.

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