June Buggie Has Hyperthyroidism

June Buggie has hyperthyroidism.

Hey! You do you think you’re talking about?

He’s always been an aggressive cat, but lately even he’s been even more so. He meowed alot. He would eat his food, then go after mine.

Yet despite his eating like a mad cat, he lost weight.

I was going to take him to the vet this week anyway, but Sunday he suddenly stopped eating. He turned away Fancy Feast, his favorite, and every treat in the house.

June Buggie, aka “the evil one,” in his element.

So Monday I called our local vet and dropped him off for an exam.

Dr. Gillespie prescribed methimazole tablets twice per day. This may prove difficult because Buggie turned his nose up at the pill in a Greenies Pill Pocket and he adamantly refuses to take a pill without putting up a fight. But we have managed so far, and will keep trying. The vets office said there are other options for the meds, and I’m going to call today and give those a shot.

Rumpy has been worried, but last night seemed more at ease.


Oh Buggie. I never thought you could be more a pain in the ass than you already were. How wrong I was. 

48 thoughts on “June Buggie Has Hyperthyroidism

  1. Poor baby..i use a particularly stinky anchovy paste spread for human sandwiches .That was the only thing i could get my Merlin to take his meds in when he was diagnosed with FIV..of course you love em more when they are pains in the ass..they remind us of us ..take those pills sweetie xxx

    1. Anchovy paste. I’ll try that. The vet did say it was OK to mix these pills if it helps him take it.

      And of course his personality is what makes me love him!

  2. Poor Jen and June – you have found a new level of torment for each other 😉
    Hopefully something like the anchovy paste will make the medicine go down. We’re counting on many more years of June Buggie life.

    God help us all if our resident evil cat ever needs to take pills; please share if you find a good method for getting them in with a minimum of fuss.

  3. My condolences. Sounds like my old cat Jake. In addition to anchovy paste (which I never tried) I would recommend stocking up on band aids and Neosporin (that’s for you). Gotta love him.

  4. Oh no….my dearest June Buggie…..why you have to be suffering from that disease…..it’s so unfair…because you are such a lovely cat….the reason I now have four cats is because you taught me how cute animal cat is….I hope you get well soon and take pills your doctor priscribed….Oh June Buggie….I’m very very worried of you…. I’m praying your hyperthyroidism has gone…..

  5. Oh, I feel for all of you! I’ve had hyperthyroidism,and before it was first diagnosed, I was felt like I was going absolutely crazy, what with the hunger and the weight loss and the heart palpitations and the massive anxiety. Poor June Buggie. And poor everyone else around that sick cat!!!! I hope the pill thing gets easier.

  6. Please June Buggie, get well…. There is nothing more fun than being healthy and playful. Rumpy and the gang are waiting for you to go back yay yay yay play! Love you, June and Jen….

  7. Buggie, so sorry you are sick. Hope you gets to feeling better soon. Grandma says you can be as ornery as you want.

  8. I’m not sure if you know Sammy at onespoiledcat, but he takes thyroid medicine, and his mom experimented a LOT with ways to get those medicines in. Good luck, JB. I hope your medicine turns out delicious soon.

    Love and licks,

  9. Our cat Sam has this too, and the first month of giving her pills was a nightmare. I thought we would have to switch to something else too. Finally things settled down and she takes her pills (almost) all of the time, with 1/2 of a Greenies pill pocket.
    Her appetite was bad for the first month, and I think it was from the stress of forcing her to take those darn pills…thank goodness she got used to it. The good news is that she is doing great now, so the pills really do their job.

  10. I can’t imagine giving a cat a pill. If the doctor said there are other options for the meds it’s hard to imagine they’d be easier than a pill or it seems he would have mentioned them.

  11. We’re sorry June Buggie has hyper-T. We hope the medication helps get him back on track and feeling better. There are compounding pharmacies that can make the medication into flavored treats or liquids. Maybe you could try that with him.

  12. Ah, darn. We’re sorry to hear this, June Buggie. Please try to take your meds, okay? There is a pill paste that smells like BACON (I think Drs. Foster and Smith sells it) that you might want to try. Or, as our pals the Island Cats suggested, compounding might be an option. Purrs and prayers to you, friends!

  13. Oh, the fun begins. We’ve used peanut butter, but then RC got wise and licked off the peanut butter and left the pill. Vet may need to monitor levels of thyroid to get dosage right. Once it’s right, the cats is a whole new cat. Take the darn pills, June-Buggie!

  14. I hope there is a method of getting the meds down him that’s more agreeable to you both. It isn’t much fun getting tablets into a cat that’s fighting!

  15. Poor June Buggie. And sorry for his caregiver too.

    I see someone recommended anchovy paste. I think of it as the liverwurst equivalent for cats. Hope it (or something else) makes pill time much easier.

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