What We Call Family

I looked up the definition of family at Merriam-Webster online. There are many definitions, but the first one was: a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head

I think that fits the grouping that lives in my home.

True, to others it may seem as a single woman living with her pets, but within the household are individuals who care for and relate to one another.

Wait! You two aren’t supposed to get along!

So when, on Sunday morning, Junior was limping and would not put weight on his right rear leg, Rumpy and I were both concerned. Rumpy smelled of Junior’s leg to try to determine what was wrong, while I called to see if I could get him in to see a vet that day. As it was, the emergency vet clinic told me their X-ray machine was not working and Banfield (you know I was desperate if I called Banfield) said the best they could offer was for us to come in and sit around in hopes they could work me in. Or I could have driven 80 miles to the next closest emergency vet.

Since I didn’t see or feel any indications of a break, I chose to wait until Monday and see our local vet. I gave JB a pain tab I’d been given for Bubba over a year ago to use when his arthritis flared up, and Monday morning I dropped JB off at the vet.

I don’t want to go walkies. I want to wait right here for June Buggie to come home!

In the meantime, I tried to get Rumpy’s and my minds off the possibilities of what could be wrong with our evil kitty, but Rumpy refused to walk. He wanted to lay around and wait for JB to come back home. No fair, Dog! I don’t want to worry about what could be wrong and if it could be fixed, and if I could afford to fix it, and what if it’s time to say good-bye? I’m not ready for that! So I took a nap.

And when the vet’s office hadn’t called by 2 pm, I started panicking. Should I call them? Are they waiting until the end of the day to share bad news? What could it be?

As it was, the bad news was Junior showed his ass and scratched up a vet tech. But no break or dislocation. I was told to let him rest and he should be better in a few days. Oh, and give him these pain pills- at your own risk!

Poor little guy. Old age is not being kind to our Buggie.

I awoke on a cold Tuesday morning to find June Buggie lying on the pillow beside my head, and Rumpy on the floor beside my bed. Buggie is acting like he’s fine today. He has jumped on the counter and begged for coffee creamer. Right now he’s lying beside the laptop while I type this missive. And Rumpy took a nice long walk in the crisp, cool air to celebrate his little buddy being OK.

That is family: we love, comfort, and support each other.



35 thoughts on “What We Call Family

  1. The scrapping between the two is simply a cover for their real affection for each other…can’t risk damaging the image/having word get out. HA HA! RC and Molly are pretty much the same way.
    Good luck with the pills – not my specialty. (RC has aged enough to enjoy a fleece sleeve with a pet heating pad inside during cold spells and in chilly rainy days. She’s not leaping as much anymore and that pad from previous ancient cats seems a comfort.)

  2. I’m so glad he seems to be okay. Sorry it cost so much to find that out. But that’s what we do, right? 🙂 I really love those interspecies relationships, and I agree that one human with a houseful of pets is just as much a loving and concerned family as (and maybe more so than) many all-human families!

  3. That’s what a family is. It needn’t be made of just the bipeds – it just needs to have members that care for each other, and in that manner of speaking, there are families who aren’t really families. Glad to know that JB is feeling better.

  4. I totally agree to your definition of family! Oh my dear…poor June Buggie……he still looks so young, his real age is not though….I hope his leg won’t get worse any more….I understand how you felt whil you were waiting for the vet call….Rumpy must have been so worried about his precious brother…..waht a beautiful family you have! 🙂

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