A Monday Limerick- Because Monday Sucks

I want to live the life of a cat like June Buggie.


Another blah Monday ahead.

I wish I could just stay in bed.

But life is not fair,

as you’re all well aware,

So I’m off to the workplace instead.



Get your ass to work so you can afford to buy me more tuna!


24 thoughts on “A Monday Limerick- Because Monday Sucks

  1. I hear ya. Mondays SUCK to the high heavens. Yep I said it. I was sleeping comfortably with mom until she had to get up and leave me for this place called work. Yuck. XOXO – Bacon

    1. June Buggie is like a Sanders supporter- will support a candidate that has no change in hell of winning because they think they’ll get what they want.

  2. When I feel very tired to go to work on mondays, I say myself, “OK, if I work, my kitties will get more food!” I live for myself, and of course, for my kitties! 🙂

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