We Like You, Just Not That Much

So a month ago I drove 5 hours away to interview for a promotional position. I didn’t get the job.

This week the folks in that area contacted me. They were very impressed with me during my interview. They chose someone else over me, not because that person is more qualified, but because they had already interviewed for a promotion three times.

Now they have an opening in their area for the same position I now hold, and they’d really like me to transfer down and work for them.


On the one hand, I’m flattered they were impressed with me.

But on the other, they weren’t impressed enough to hire me as a supervisor, yet they want me to move and do the same thing for them I’m doing now, with nothing more than a promise that maybe, just maybe, they’ll eventually promote me.

You know the worst part? They acted like there was something wrong with me when I said it wasn’t in my best interest to accept their offer. “What? We’re actually saying we’ll give you a chance, which is more than what your current leadership does, and you turn us down?”

And that’s true. My current boss doesn’t even think I’m competent enough to discuss my own work. Just last Saturday we were on a conference call and the son-of-a-bitch wouldn’t let me talk, and when I tried to be heard he talked over me. Of course Monday he went to a meeting and was told he had to work to retain his employees, so he’s now pretending to  play nice. But at the same time he gave me work to do over my days off. I know the perceived niceness will last all of two weeks then will revert back to the same ole’ same ole’, and he’ll again treat me like I couldn’t even tie my shoes without using a GPS to find them first.


I’m not dumb enough to move and let someone else use me. I can stay right here and experience that.

Eventually I’ll find someone who sees the value in me as an employee.

But I’m not jumping from the frying pan to the fire to make that happen.



19 thoughts on “We Like You, Just Not That Much

  1. that sounds like: come to us, we have cookies! … butt you will get none :o( I’m sure this is a sign that this wasn’t the job you really will like … and I’m sure the really good job comes to you soon.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll find a job that your great skills and talents will suitable!!! 🙂

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